Caption this:

Bush Obama


17 thoughts on “Caption this:

  1. OBAMA: “It’s OK, folks. I got this one.”

    BUSH: “It’s OK, folks. He’s here now.”


    OBAMA: “This photo op is great and all, but you do understand I’m going to blame everything on your administration.”

    BUSH: “Remind me what we’re doing here? What is this? Did you win the Olympics or something?”

  2. President Bush and President-elect Obama both refused signatures during their walk today. Obama’s team did, however, promise to hold a shirt and poster signing just after the Bruce Springsteen concert in honor of Obama.

  3. BO: I wonder if they’ve got donuts?
    GB: I wonder if they remembered to hide my donuts?


    BO: Oh crap is the president supposed to use his left hand to wave.
    GB: Crap, right hand not left hand.

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