Sudan declares Darfur ceasefire!

Some very interesting developments in Darfur today.

President al-Bashir has declared an “immediate” and “unconditional” ceasefire in the Darfur region of Sudan. He claims that he soon will begin disarming militias and restricting “the use of weapons among armed forces.”

Prior ceasefire attempts have failed, but this new call to disengage would appear to be in direct response to the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s recent charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

It is being reported that rebel groups did not participate in the ceasefire negotiations and have not agreed to comply until “a framework deal that would guarantee the movement’s rights is reached.” But here’s to hoping that the Sudanese government will make good on their commitments and that an agreement can be reached with the rebel groups soon.

In the meantime I’d like to encourage everyone to take a moment to remind President-Elect Obama about his commitment to show “unstinting resolve” in ending the genocide in Darfur.


3 thoughts on “Sudan declares Darfur ceasefire!

  1. amazing. this is like hitler saying “ok, we’ll leave poland”. but, the proof will be in the pudding…i don’t hold out much hope for peace in the region or really anything positive occurring in that nation so long as he and his regime are in power. but, hopefully. the situation in the congo appears to be taking the place of darfur now as far as worst humanitarian crisis on our planet.

  2. i unfortunately think tim is right, but also think there probably isn’t a regime there that could bring much peace. give to people who are helping refugees and the least of these in these countries, ie world relief. the governments may be hopeless, but we can be hope to some.

  3. i agree, a stable, peaceful regime is not really on the list of can do’s. i think it’s the same throughout the middle east, but we’re trying there. and we did in kosovo. i think the reason we and the rest of the world (as in those in power, not us common folks) ignore africa is obvious.

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