Super Obama World


The folks over at ZenSoft have released an online video game titled Super Obama World. It’s patterned after the Super Mario Brothers franchise and offers a satirical look at American politics.

You play as Barack Obama as you collect American flag pins while trying to avoid lipstick-covered pigs, lobbyists, snow machines, pit bulls and Sarah Palin on your way to the White House. There are also some great little quirks about the game that make it fun to explore; such as that infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” and the fact that knocking off Saks Fifth Avenue employees earns you 150,000 points.

The game is free to play and developers say they intend to add more chapters to it throughout Obama’s presidency.


4 thoughts on “Super Obama World

  1. But I *like* the Obama posts! My brother will love this especially 🙂 thanks for the link.

    (BTW, random thing. My neighbours used to live in Wasilla. They knew Sarah Palin, and were shocked when she was elected as mayor, much less governor or VP. I like my neighbours. They’re awesome)

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