Who am I?



12 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Sheesh. I really thought it was going to be alot tougher than that!!

    Yes, it’s Frances Bean Cobain.

    She’s 16 now. I can’t help but wonder if her parent’s music has made her hate her parents yet. 😆

  2. can anyone possibly fathom what it’s like to be kurt’s kid at 16?
    i mean, 16 is a pretty tripped out age regardless…..let alone having the whole history of grunge on your shoulders.

  3. well, when i said the history of grunge, that’s what i meant.

    i had a secret crush on courtney love in college…which makes me a totally unreliable person

  4. Human beings are pretty adaptable. I’d think she was used to both her father’s death and her mother’s lifestyle by now. I’m not saying that’s not a presence in her life I just doubt she understands why any of us would feel sorry for her.

    In a twisted way, it might even be fun to have Courtney Love as a mother at 16. Probably more fun then at 5 or 13. I can’t imagine Love having any moral authority. F B has probably been taking care of herself for years. The normal teen friction isn’t there.

  5. “F B has probably been taking care of herself for years. The normal teen friction isn’t there.” ~ Tamara

    You’re most likey right. FB has proabably taken the role of the adult. – the mom. She’s probably going to be a “fixer” and marry an idiot unless she gets therapy and what not.

  6. I don’t think she’s automatically going to marry an idiot. There are a lot of ‘fixer’s out there who manage without therapy. A lot depends on her other friends and support and on her own personality.

    She’ll probably do a lot of stupid things though. Mostly because there isn’t a reason not to (Mom, should I sleep with this 25 year old wanna be rocker? try some drugs? cut school? wear a bra over my clothes?).

    Sometimes we are kept from making our sillier/worst mistakes by the presence or possible disappointment of our parents.

  7. i feel old.

    i remember being 15 when he died and the news flash coming on mtv. it was so surreal. he was 27…you know, janis joplin, jimi hendrix & jim morrison were all 27 when they died. it’s so friggin’ weird to realize i’m 2 years older than that. kind of depressing, actually.

    but yeah, that kid is so unfortunate to have the mother she does. working in the human services field for 5 years i’ve encountered many courtney loves, without the money but more talented. it’s sad.

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