The (Premature) NFL Playoff Picture


I just took a peek at Matthew J. Darnell’s “premature playoff picture” on his blog. Anyone notice what improbable AFC East team is in the mix?

The mere fact that anyone could use the “p” word and Miami Dolphins in the same sentence just 10 months removed from a 1-15 season is simply dumbfounding.


7 thoughts on “The (Premature) NFL Playoff Picture

  1. 3 from the afc east?!?! and i guess my redskins pre-season pick was good…even though i took it back after game 1. i have no idea how the titans have been so good, or the giants. i’m so out of it w/ football. wahmp wahmp.

  2. If there are three from the AFC East it’s because the AFC West sucks eggs. But the Ravens or Colts could easily bump one, or both, of those teams out of the picture. Especially since they both have better conference records than the Dolphins and Pats.

    The Giants shouldn’t be surprising. Did you pay any attention to them down the home stretch last season? Did you watch the Super Bowl? They’re a freaking SOLID team.

  3. i know but they lost 2 all-pro defense linemen, so i figured they’d have problems on the D, plus i wanted eli to suck. and the nfc east is tough, or should be. and…they’re a ny team 🙂

  4. I really don’t think there will be three teams from the AFC East. You have to substitute either the Colts or the Ravens for one of those teams.

    And Cowboys are in, Skins are out in the NFC.

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