Hail to the Thieves

Look familiar?

(ht: Brett McCracken)


10 thoughts on “Hail to the Thieves

  1. Ok, so instead of an unoriginal and uninspired rip off of one thing, it’s more likely an uninspired and unoriginal hybrid of two things.

    The words and phrases in boxes that go every which-a-way bear more of a resemblance to Radiohead’s cover than they do Salvation Mountain. Such a resemblance that I can’t pass it off as coincidence.

    I imagine a planning meeting somewhere along these lines…

    Hey, that mountain thingy in California is pretty cool. Maybe that should be our album cover!

    You know, it is cool. All those words and shapes also kinda remind me of the cover to Hail to the Thief.

    That’s it! We’ll take the Hail to the Thief cover and turn it into Salvation Mountain.

    Totally. Taking cool secular things and making them kinda Christiany is what we Christian artists do best!

    Or something like that. 😆

  2. i am surprised that third day listens to radiohead…but that is so bad…
    it is up there with the awful christian t shirt ex just pray or the lord’s gym…..

  3. I mostly stopped caring about Third Day with their third release Time. But in the time leading up to that, I think I saw them three or four times live. They always put on an excellent show back then, I’m sure it’s better by ten fold by now.

  4. The cover aside…this really is a great album! As for their concerts – I’ve been to a few myself and they always rock in my opinion…and although I only saw it on DVD…their live performance at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame was awesome!

  5. …besides Shaney Michael, (ooo..haven’t gone there in a long time :-)) you know that every once in a while you still wave your arms back and forth and sing, “when the toast has burned and all the milk as turned and Captian Chrunch is waving goodbye…” hee hee!! 🙂

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