Score one for the little guys

Lap it up Boston fans because it’s about the only time I’ll ever give the Red Sox love. But it’s tough for me not to give big props to Dustin Pedroia – all 5 foot 9, 180 pounds of him – for winning the American League MVP yesterday. Dude is my size and he’s binging home some of the most coveted hardware in all of sports; the Gold Glove, the Silver Slugger and now the MVP.

Well, ok. He’s got two and a half inches and ten pounds on me. But still. 😆

Not only that but he’s the first second baseman to win the MVP award since Nellie Fox did it in 1959. That’s the first dude since black and white highlight footage. That’s the first dude since other dudes were named Nellie! (Well, except Nelly of course.)

Way to go stud. You’re a credit to diminutive stature!


16 thoughts on “Score one for the little guys

  1. chuckle…and the ten pounds he has on you are muscle…chuckle

    i couldn’t resist. don’t worry, i believe i’m slowly developing some sort of second chin/neck combination so you can make fun of me as well.

  2. Dude, does this mean I can take you in a fight? I’m at least 5’10”.

    It’s been awhile but I thought they put the tall guys at first and second. I have lots of memories of tall, lefty first basemen and tall, righty second basemen and short but quick short stops.

    And if Nellie seems weird (bet he was a Nelson), think about all the Dizzys, Yogis, and Sandys back then.

    Actually this whole conversation makes me want to read The Brothers K again. No one talks as obsessively about baseball, family, and religion as David James Duncan.

  3. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    sully’s t’s has some cool pedroia shirts, such as “pedroia the destroy-ah” and “mvpedrioa”, but this is my fave…

    his little guy syndrome is motivator #1 for him, you see it in his play. and i don’t what youk’s deal is, but he’s awfully mad about something, too (maybe being the only good jewish baseball player since koufax). i just love how pedroia and papi are set up in the lineup so we can see them do the bump and it looks like pedroia’s gonna get crushed everytime!

  4. i don’t have much to say but I have been to his home town of woodland, ca …multiple times its where the CMA district office is…..its a small nothing town…hmm just like pedroia…who i think should have received it, but my hatred for the Red sox may be blinding me alittle bit

  5. geesh…i must be the resident jolly green giant:

    6.2′ 230lbs

    in addition, i have a hockey question:
    i saw crosby score a goal yesterday, but in slo-mo it showed that the puck hit some other dudes stick on the way in…so instead of a goal, he was credited an assist.
    in the world of hockey, is an assist considered less than, greater or equal to actually scoring a goal?

  6. Same as basketball. It’s a stat which basically means you passed it to the dude who scored the goal. Except in hockey assists also go back two “plays.” Meaning they are also credited for passing to the guy, who passed to the guy who scored the goal.

    Whether assists are greater, less than or equal to a goal would all depend on your own economy of teamwork vs. personal glory I suppose. 😆

    Incidentally, as far as stats go, a point is either a goal or an assist. Meaning, if a player had 2 goals and 1 assist on the evening, he is credited with 3 PTS in the box score.

  7. well, basketball is weird as you may know:

    if nash puts up 12 points AND 14 assists, it’s kind of expected. he’s the point guard…it’s his job.

    but if shaq put up 12 points and 14 assists, they’d be talking about it forever. assists aren’t his job as much as rebounds are.

    one year, to prove a point, Wilt Chamberlain led the league in assists…but only averaged around 9 points a game.

    the point is, some guys are expected to drop dimes, and others are not.

    hockey the same way?

  8. To some extent. But hockey is so fluid, and random with pucks getting knocked around every which way – so it’s not an even comparison. And it’s not necessarily by position either.

    In the five top goal scorers in the league right now, you’ve got three LW, 1 RW and 1 C. Top five in assists you have four C, and 1 RW.

    Greztky was a center, and is the all-time leader in goals (894), assists (1,963) and points (2,857). If you look down the Top 10 lists in each of those categories, you’ll see alot of the same names.

  9. don’t be deceived by the list – bobby orr may not be on it, but he IS the greatest hockey player ever, best all-around, considering he was a defenseman who was also a scoring leader. and he only played 10 seasons. BOBBY ORR!

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