Diggin’ 3 more from NoiseTrade

I recently downloaded three new albums from NoiseTrade that are worth checking out.

Dignan – The Guest EP
This is currently one of the most downloaded albums on NoiseTrade. I listened to the sample clips and it was intrigued just enough to justify the download. I’m glad I did. If you like swirling melodies over droning rock sounds, take Dignan for a test-drive. You might like them!


Sojourn – Advent Songs
Sojourn is the music ministry of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY. They put out this collection of Christmas tunes last year, but are offering it now as a free download on NoiseTrade.  Some nice renditions of traditional favorites, as well as some original tunes. Perfect download if you’re looking for a new soundtrack for this Advent season.

Blood:Water Mission – Love Came Down
This collection of songs is a promotional effort for Jars of Clay’s touring Christmas “pageant titled “Love Came Down.” The shows and album feature Christmas themed songs by Jars of Clay, Sixpence None the Richer and Sara Groves. The tour is also being used to raise awareness for Blood:Water Mission.

5 thoughts on “Diggin’ 3 more from NoiseTrade

  1. hast thou had the priviledge of lending thine ear to sufjan stevens 5 disc xmas set? (sometimes olde english comes out sporadically, i think from my ma smacking me with a KJV bible as a kid)

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