NFL Recap: Week 12

Ouch. The Dolphins loss to New England this week stung a little extra.

Had the stars aligned, the Dolphins would have swept their series with the Pats while Tennessee took care of business against the Jets and the Bills continued their losing streak against the hapless Cheifs. Then they would have been tied with the Jets for the lead in the division with their week 17 matchup looking epic.

The stars, however, did not align. The entire division gained ground on them yesterday. And the way things line up right now, they’re on the outside looking in on the playoff hunt.

But it was almost worth suffering a heart-breaking loss to learn that Matt Light fights like a girl. 😆

Update: I just read that the NFL is broadcasting next week’s game between the Chargers and Raiders in 3-D. That’s flippin’ sweet!


13 thoughts on “NFL Recap: Week 12

  1. running away when the other guy gets tackled isn’t exactly the epitome of manliness, either 🙂

    and this is why hockey is so great.

    chicago won, so that’s cool. i’m wondering what the deal in philly is. eagles fans, what’s your take?

  2. Wait. I didn’t know you were a Dolphins fan. How’d I miss that?

    Your’e right though. The schedule does fare pretty well for the Dolphins. The Bills and Jets games are obviously huge. The rest are winable, provided they play well and the injuries to Long and Camarillo aren’t serious.

  3. uggghhh. yesterday was probably the worst eagles game i have ever had to endure. even worse than mcnabb puking in the superbowl, worse than all the playoff losses…ugghhhh!!!
    i mean what???!!! there aren’t even words.
    it was like my brain just sort of stopped processing the game after a while.

  4. i get the idea that a lot of eagles fans have been against mcnabb from the beginning, with him being booed when drafted to booing him now. his prime is past, but he had some really good years in philly. i always thought he was a bit overrated (not in the same way as rush, though), but it seems like those “crazy philly fans” the media loves to talk about hate the guy. i just wonder is it the media making philly fans out to be nuts or is that the general feeling for eagles fans?

  5. i think the general consensus is hey, you were given your shot, you blew it, now get the heck out.
    i like mcnabb. but the reason mcnabb used to be good was because he was a threat with his legs. but they’ve been so concerned with making him a throwing QB that it’s limited his potential in my opinion.
    like i’ve said for four years. bring back the fro, get rid of the throw. let the brotha play like a crazy person again.

  6. Does he even still have legs? I don’t get to see him play much, so I’m really asking here. That aspect of his game has been missing since his injury hasn’t it?

    I saw on the news during lunch that Reid announced that McNabb will start Sunday.

    And Camarillo is out for the rest of the season. 😦

  7. Eagle play on Thursday…
    but I think we might be heading into a tail spin with the Eagles….oh good the Rich Kotite/ Ray Rhodes era maybe on the horizon….
    I really like mcnabb and has done amazing with what he has but the lack of WR and westbrook being hurt hasn’t helped him but still has been terrible the past 2 games but he is definitely better than anything else we why not play him

  8. That’s always my argument. If you’re #2 isn’t any better than a struggling #1 – then what’s the point of making the switch. It’s only going to invite QB controversy and trouble in the locker room.

    If McNabb was playing that poorly, Reid was probably right to bench him. But I also think he’s right in immediately clearing the air about who his starter is on Sunday Thursday.

    For the record, here’s my favorite quote from today’s columns…

    There are only two people who have the authority to pull Joey Porter out of a football game, and their names are Joey Porter and God. And God loses the privilege in the fourth quarter of divisional rivalry games.

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