The Advent Conspiracy

The Advent Conspiracy


16 thoughts on “The Advent Conspiracy

  1. awesome, and don’t stop there, remember to do what christ did after every time he met someone’s immediate need, tell them what they really need, Him. thanks for sharing that shane.

  2. i joined the group on facebook. i’ll probably post the vid on there later.

    to what jess pointed out, i remember someone trying to argue with me about mother teresa, saying “she just wanted to convert everyone!” and my response was, “uhhh, yeah, that’s what missionaries DO! but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t do more for her fellow man out of love than most. exactly how many hungry people have you fed?” meet the need, share the hope.

  3. One of the churches here in Rochester – the one all the cool kids go to – is basing their Advent series on this. I’m half tempted to check it out (GASP!). At least through Advent.

    This is also the same church that based an entire sermon on the music of Over the Rhine and has a “connecting” group that meets to enjoy craft beers and talk about Jesus.

    I’ve never wanted to visit before. I’m convinced it’s only going to let me down. 😆

  4. well, like one of my old pastors said shane, and i quote:
    if it always smells like sh**, check your mustache.
    so, go with smile, you may be surprised.

    back to water…i’ve shown this video to nick simpson, who is our media guy at church. he liked it and is going to present it to our sr pastor…aka, my father-in-law, and see if we can’t make it happen somehow.
    do you know how we could find out how it’s worked thus far? get some testimonials before we ask our church to push money towards it?

  5. If you click the “get involved” link you can see what different churches around the country are doing. There’s not much by way of testimonials. The video does say that only a handful of churches have ever participated in this. But there is some content there that might spark ideas.

    If you click the resources link and read the FAQ you can see that two of the founding churches are Imago Dei (Don Miller’s church) and Ecclesia (Chris Seay’s church). I imagine one could contact either of those churches and they’d be happy to talk to you more about it.

    Also, from what I can gather the Advent Conspiracy doesn’t advocate any one specific project. But rather they’re promoting this whole thing conceptually. It’s up to the individual churches to find a project out there to support.

    That being said … can I nominate Hope Medical Clinic for your consideration? It’ll be an easy sell given their ties to the Alliance, and your church members can give directly through the C&MA website. It’s also the current Thanksgiving priority project for CAMA Services, so there is an element of timeliness.

  6. is it ed? i can’t imagine him saying that but then I can that is where i learned the phrase “lets beat the hell out of them” referring to Jerks that we encountered

  7. lets just say on a 18 hr trip to maine….someone put a tastycake under the van he drove over it and about 45 min later we laughed and he turned around to make us clean it up….

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