Our weekend…


Cheryl took this photo tonight. No flash, slow shutter. It summarizes the past 24 hours of our life perfectly.

I call it, “Traffic – Engulfed by Shane’s furious rage.”


11 thoughts on “Our weekend…

  1. Time with friends and family this weekend was great. We just ran into excessive amounts of traffic both Saturday and Sunday.

    Our trip home from Cheryl’s parents typically takes about 4 1/2 hours. Yesterday it took us about 8.

  2. Just another part of that urban-living you’re always talking up, Shane. I remember Chicago commutes well. Now ‘traffic’ is the extra 5 minutes it takes to get anywhere when the paper mills let out.

    Glad you had some good family time to make it worth the drive.

  3. Actually, none of our traffic issues occurred within a 45 mile radius of Rochester. Rochester rarely experiences any traffic congestion at all – unless there’s an accident or construction of course.

    Most of our congestion yesterday took place in pretty rural areas on Rt. 17 along NY’s southern border. There’s NOTHING out there. And for about a 45 mile stretch of I-90 near Syracuse.

    The worst was on the NJ Turnpike on our way to and from Jim’s house on Saturday. Traffic both ways was horrible. But that’s largely because Jersey is a festering craphole of a state that should be carved from the Union and torpedoed in the Atlantic.

  4. ahhh, ye olde dirty jerzy turnpike. yes yes, those are days i do not miss 🙂 but then again, i live in rhode island, which deservedly has the statistically worst drivers in the u.s. huzzah!

  5. the traffic in nj could be attributed to people’s unexplainable desire to live here. the lack of it in rochester, well you decide 😉
    anyone remember rob’s shirt ‘welcome to nj, now get the hell out”!

  6. NJ traffic is crap because people are just passing through on their way to and from NYC, Philly, DC, Baltimore, etc.

    I’m convinced the only people who have ever settled in NJ did so because their car broke down somewhere along the way. Once they got it fixed they said, “Ain’t no way in hell I’m getting back in that traffic. Screw it, let’s build a house.”

  7. woh woh woh. i would like everyone to think about traffic on the NJ turnpike. It’s New Yorkers and New Englanders and a whole bunch of Virginians traveling up and down the east coast through NJ. It’s not New Jersey natives trying to travel through their own state.
    New Jersey is the greatest state in the U.S. Just like Rochester is the greatest city!!!
    Thanks for the sacrifice to see us…I don’t believe I’m worth it but thanks for making me feel special.

  8. It’s New Yorkers and New Englanders and a whole bunch of Virginians traveling up and down the east coast through NJ.

    Right. Like I said, just passing through. But I’m pretty be sure I was surrounded by Jersey plates while I was stuck in traffic.

    Anyway, it was worth it. We had a good time. We’re just never coming back until they invent teleportation or one of us gets our pilots license.

    And you never answered my question. How was the Nut Brown?

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