Glimpses of Hope

This latest email from our friends at the Hope Medical Center in Guinea paints a picture of the spiritual climate in which they operate. It also reminds us to pray for the persecuted church around the world:

Subject: Please pray for the Christians in the village of Yalenzou

Please pray for the Christians in the village of Yalenzou (about 6 miles from us).   They have been under serious persecution these past months, but on Thursday the situation escalated.   The church was completely destroyed, and several believers were beaten – one quite seriously.

Many of the believers were able to get out of town, but several were still missing as they fled into the bush.   Apparently, there were ambushes set up on the road, making it difficult to get here to N’zao.

Yesterday, Moise Mamy (our Guinea colleague) took the issue to the authorities.   They went out to observe, but as of last night, had not yet acted.   Threats were made by the village to destroy the houses of believers as well.

Please pray for the believers in Yalenzou – that God will comfort, encourage and strengthen them.   That he will protect them (and their children) from a spirit of fear.  Pray that God will deepen their faith through this.

Pray for Moise Mamy as he carries a very heavy load.   Last night he had 60 people at his house to care for.  He is also interfacing with government and church leaders in the area.   Pray for wisdom, discernment and strength for him.


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