NFL Recap: Week 13

I could go on and on about how the Dolphins are not only in the playoff hunt, but have a legit shot at winning the division. I could gloat over yet another Bills loss. But let’s face it, all we’re really going to talk about is Plaxico Burress.


3 thoughts on “NFL Recap: Week 13

  1. All I care about is two 20+ pt wins in a row by the Vikings and the domination that is our Defensive line.

    We will however now after taking sole possession of first place lose to the winless lions next week just to make sure I hate life.

  2. The Vikings have a fairly difficult schedule after the Lions, so I sure hope they don’t lose that game for your sake. Although, the Giants will likely be sitting their starters in week 17. So that should fare well for you if the Vikings are fighting for their playoff lives that final week.

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