Sayonara Juice!


O.J. Simpson got a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison for decapitating his ex-wife holding a few dudes hostage at gunpoint in an attempt to reclaim some (allegedly) stolen property. In the world of sports we call that a “make up call.”

It’s probably bad karma to revel in another person’s demise but let’s be honest, “The Juice” is a Grade-A schmuck and he deserves whatever he has coming in prison.

Now hopefully Buffalo Bills fans will gather up their collective dignity and demand that #32 be removed from the “Ring of Honor” at The Ralph.


7 thoughts on “Sayonara Juice!

  1. Honoring a player for what he did while playing has very little to do with whether or not they are idiots last time I checked? I doubt I would approve of 95% of how these millionaire athletes live their lives but that is a separate arena.

    I would hope you could curb your trumped up media rage and realize this!

    P.S. please don’t go the role model route with this one.

  2. He was great on the field, no argument there.

    But in my opinion character and integrity should also be a part of the equation when an organization decides to pay tribute to a former player.

    When a player’s negative off field actions – like say murdering two people, and now armed robbery and kidnapping – outweigh his on field accomplishments in the court of public perception, it should probably disqualify him.

    You can disagree with that. Fair enough. But it’s my opinion that if an organization wants to honor a former player, that former player should at least be honorable.

  3. I go back and forth on it.

    It’s shameful that the all-time hits leader isn’t in the Hall. But everyone knew betting on baseball was a deal breaker, there was a precedent there that the MLB takes VERY seriously. If they’re not going to let Shoeless Joe Jackson in, they sure as heck shouldn’t let Rose in. It’s up to the HOF committee, it’s their club. And they voted for a lifetime ban of both players. If his peers want to keep him out of the Hall, that’s their prerogative.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t care much if Rose were reinstated and able to coach in the minors or something. The guy should be able to earn a living other than appearing in WrestleMania and writing books (which I picked up in the dollar store).

  4. the fact that pete rose isn’t in the hall of fame makes me totally uninterested in ever visiting it. if they put bonds or any of the other juicers in and leave rose out, i might blow it up (hopefully this doesn’t get you pat act’d).

    and i saw about 10 seconds of o.j. on tv, i guess it was some video w/ him going around showing “what he was doing” when the killings happened. i was instantly on upchuck reflex, but thankfully found the remote in time.

    i have the same reaction when i see kobe on that stupid guitar hero commercial. and speaking of…

  5. I think OJ’s off field antics are the deal breaker and he shouldn’t be honored.

    As for Pete Rose, lifting the ban would be ok but I don’t really care.

    Shoeless Joe is another matter. He should definitely be let in the Hall of Fame.

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