Merry Christmas Kensley

Just in case you needed to have your soul yanked through your tear-ducts this afternoon.


10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Kensley

  1. Ugh. Thanks for making me cry and for making me explain to our son what a soldier is. My heat breaks for all of those kids.

  2. Speaking of which…

    Mark Driscoll was recently asked when he thought the appropriate age to talk to your children about sex was. I found his answer to be pretty insightful.

    A Christian parent should be the first person to speak with their child about these issues. The best age to discuss these matters varies from child to child but if a parent is going to err, they should err on the side of bringing up the matter too soon rather than too late.

    Ensuring that the lines of communication are open and honest between a parent and child is paramount. A parent must vigilantly remain aware of the questions and curiosities of their child(ren) and speak with frank biblical wisdom like the dad in Proverbs.

    Lastly, a godly parent should never shame or embarrass their child while speaking on this subject, but treat them as an emerging fellow adult.

    As a general rule, the beginning of sexual dialogue with a child should begin at a very young age, concerning what is inappropriate touch to help prevent sexual abuse, and grow to include romantic and other physical touch along with biological changes by age ten.

    Discussing how God created sex for a married man and woman, and the changes that God created our bodies to go through as we develop, can help them see sexuality as normal, safe, and beautiful inside the marriage covenant. If you are establishing a trust in God and the Word from an early age, they will more naturally trust your words as they align with the Bible.

    Sadly, the average boy sees his first Internet pornography by age eleven, which means waiting until later than age ten is often too late to establish a solid biblical foundation for sexuality because the first bricks are already laid by the world.

  3. i like the trade-off you two have 🙂

    neither of my parents told me anything about sex. all i knew was that one night while watching the miss universe pageant all of a sudden i had this very strange reaction. and, to make it worse, my sisters were both in high school with their friends over all the time and i had no clue what was going on!

    the one thing (the non-parent says!) is do all you can to avoid shame. my ma, God love her, made me feel like satan was living in my penis, and it stays with you. i’m sure you’ll do a knock up job. wait…

  4. quote of the day ” my ma…made me feel like satan was living in my penis”
    seriously that could be a quote from the office

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