C(ha) C(hing) Sabathia is heading to the Bronx!

The New York Yankees are reportedly close to a deal that will bring thundering left-hander C.C. Sabathia to the Bronx to the tune of $160 million over the next seven years. Sabathia single-handedly lifted the Milwaukee Brewers into the playoffs this season before bringing a gas can to his only post-season start.

The potential for success and disaster are both huge – C.C. Sabathia huge!

24 thoughts on “C(ha) C(hing) Sabathia is heading to the Bronx!

  1. do you think baby hank will let him wear his cap crooked?

    i’m sure teixeira will be in pinstripes soon, as well. last year the yanks spent $2,349,231 per win, the most in baseball (and ranked worst for price to win ratio, the mets were the worst in the NL), and twice what boston paid. the rays spent under $500k per win. but, i don’t even think a salary cap or revenue sharing is necessary, b/c a lot of these teams spending the most don’t go anywhere. the top 3 spenders of 2007 were nyy, detroit (?!?!) and the mets. no postseason for for the top 3 spenders! other teams that were in the top 10 spenders that didn’t make the postseason include seattle & atlanta. the past few championship teams have shown that developing young players and bringing them up through the system is the best way to win. ol’ hank & son are just way too stubborn and impatient to realize that throwing hundreds of millions at aging all stars and expecting cohesion rarely works. i won’t be suprised if the yanks are well over $250 million this year…hell, they might make it $300!!!

  2. I couldn’t care less what the Yankees – or any team – spend on talent. And I wouldn’t have a problem with MLB adopting a salary cap either. Either way, play ball.

    The only real problem I have with the Yankees and their cash is the fact that they’ll spend over a 1/4 billion on payroll this year, but somehow NY taxpayers are on the hook for the new stadium.

    That and they tend to overpay for washed up talent. I don’t believe that to be the case with Sabbathia – but I wouldn’t have given any pitcher seven years.

  3. i love the signing….paid alot for him but if they could land burnett wow that would be a great rotation….
    i do wonder who is going to play 1st

  4. i heard on the radio that the new stadium will make an estimated $250 million on beer & hot dogs. there’s your payroll!

  5. I am a 100% sure that they wont keep Sabathia for more than a season or two…. he wont stick around for that long…The pressure would be huge on the guy with the money that he is being paid! The expectations would be unrealistic! Visit http://www.sportsviews.com/ to get a comprehensive coverage on the deal..

  6. i heard on the radio that the new stadium will make an estimated $250 million on beer & hot dogs.

    There’s a C.C. Sabathia joke in there somewhere. I just know it.

    So the Yankees picked up Mike Cameron today. Traded him to Milwaukee for Mekly Cabrera. I’m not sure how I feel about the move. His production is significantly better – well HR and RBI anyway – than Melky’s. But he’s also 35.

  7. yeah i echo your thoughts shane…my only thing is melky’s hitting has gone done over the years not up defensively he has been great but his bat has “hurt” the lineup

  8. and what is this with derek lowe? why do the yanks love old red sox players so much?!?!

    one of the worst moments of my life was watching wade boggs – the first sports poster i ever had was boggs when i was like 7 or 8 – ride a damn horse around yankee stadium. sacrelige!

  9. I am happy they overpaid for him because it will be even more funny when he has the Yankee usual 14ish wins at over a mil per win. Meanwhile its going to be the Twins year next year.

  10. i didn’t like damon when he was with boston! him & millar both pissed me off. the whole “idiot” thing was annoying. i liked the ’07 team a lot more then ’04.

    i like the twins division. anyone can come out of there, it’s always exciting. well, maybe not KC 🙂

  11. p.s. it’s no skin off my back to have clemens legacy linked to ny now 😉 thank God he didn’t go back to boston. bum.

  12. the twins are great because they do so much with so little, but they better step it up with a new stadium coming…
    and I know that the fans get irked when the let a good player go because they are too cheap…(or at least that is what my father in laws says…he’s from roseville and friends w/ Ron Gardenhire)

  13. I love the Twins. Their farm club is the Rochester Red Wings. I got to watch Morneau here for a few seasons, got a look or two at Mauer too. (My wife also knows Joe Nathan as they attended the same church as kids.)

    They are the reigning kings in scouting talent. Which I’m sure annoys their fans when the all move on to greener pastures eventually, but thankfully that’s not a problem that affects my beloved Red Wings.

  14. i think NY and Boston tend to spend more because they have it to spend.
    the problem is spending it on the wrong people.

    (I do, however, LOVE the CC signing, from a management pov.)

    it’s like ebay. your ego can kick in if you get into a price war with some jerk the last 30 minutes of the sale. if you’re not careful, you’ll go way past your max bid just to beat the other guy.
    NY and Boston and NYM do this all the time.

  15. the two LA teams and the two chicago teams and detroit – who actually had the 2nd highest payroll last year (boston was 4th) – do it all the time, too.

  16. Which is why I don’t care what the Yankees spend. It’s a non-issue for me. It’s not the money they spend, it’s who they spend it on.

    And the fact that it has been proven time and time again that spending doesn’t equal winning should keep fans of smaller market teams from crying foul IMO, but it doesn’t.

  17. but fans from smaller market teams have never tasted the consistent success that the higher payroll teams have either.

    they would worship at the alter of whichever management guru managed to get their sorry little team into the wildcard, let alone win the division.
    this is why they are bitter. without the $ to throw around, they have to craft the perfect season…like the brewers just did. And that only took them so far.

    the Yankees had a “terrible” year and only just missed the Playoffs.

    i can tell you, if Cincinatti had the same record as NY, they would be full of hope and promise for 09.

  18. Here’s the list of the top 10 payroll teams from this past season:

    1 New York Yankees $201,001,579
    2 New York Mets $138,685,197
    3 Detroit Tigers $138,683,978
    4 Boston Red Sox $138,292,937
    5 Chicago White Sox $121,152,667
    6 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim $119,216,333
    7 Chicago Cubs $118,595,833
    8 Los Angeles Dodgers $118,536,038
    9 Seattle Mariners $117,993,982
    10 Atlanta Braves $102,424,018

    The “consistent success” of the Red Sox? Only very recently.

    The “consistent success” of the Mets? Two World Series championships in their entire history, the last in ’86?

    The “consistent success” of the Tigers? The White Sox? The Dodgers? The CUBS?????

    If we’re measuring by World Series championships – the Marlins, Rays and Diamondbacks blow that argument out of the water. If we’re measuring by playoff appearances … I’ve got two words: Twins, Athletics.

    Milwaukee spent twice as much as the Rays last season. The Twins and A’s are consistently good while spending only half as much as the top 5 spenders.

    Money is nearly irrelevant. Talent & management is everything.

  19. you’re missing my point. i didn’t say anything about world series…i said playoffs.

    all those teams get to the playoffs regularly. i won’t deny that management trumps money (see: cubs)….but having the money means you’re MUCH more likely to see the playoffs more often.

    Yankee’s missed the playoffs this year and Yankee nation is looking to the eastern sky for signs of armageddon. milwaukee made the playoffs and they are dancing in the streets.

  20. Yankee nation isn’t looking to the eastern skies for signs of Armageddon because they didn’t make the playoffs this year. It has more to do with the fact that they haven’t won the World Series in nearly a decade. Especially with that lineup!

    More on “those teams get to the playoffs regularly” later.

  21. i see stem’s point. though smaller market teams and smaller budgeted teams (miami is a huge market, but the marlins just make nothing b/c no one really cares) have shown they can win their leagues – the rays, the rockies – and some can go all the way – the marlins, it’s not consistent. the sox have been in it year in & out for a decade, with the exception of one season. and, honestly, at the beginning of every season during my whole life time prior to ’04 i heard “this is the year”, so there was that hope that they could do it, b/c they had good teams (you’re right, the ultimate success is only this decade, but they’ve had good teams most years during my lifetime). the yanks have been a pereniall monster for 12 years – though i remember growing up that i didn’t hate them b/c they weren’t that good (i hated oakland!). i can understand why pittsburg or kansas city or cincinatti or minnesota fans get pissed. even though it’s been proven that the spending does not = championship, it helps keep the fans interested and keeps them thinking that they could be in the race. in pittsburg & kc it’s “another season with a crappy team”.

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