Gators’ Tebow goes for two!

My boy Tim Tebow has a chance on Satruday to join Archie Griffin as the only other player in history to win back-to-back Heismans. The other finalists for college football’s highest individual honor are both quarterbacks; Sam Bradford from Oklahoma and Texas senior Colt McCoy.

Tebow’s numbers aren’t nearly as impressive as they were last year, when he became the first-ever sophomore to win the award. But he has lead the Gators to a 12-1 record in the brutal SEC and their second national championship game in three years. Some speculate that his leadership in their big win over Alabama last week may have put him in top contention.

But it’s tough to overlook the record numbers both Bradford and McCoy have put up this season.

So who should it be?


43 thoughts on “Gators’ Tebow goes for two!

  1. stats are nice, but winning games like that one -v- alabama (still kind of sad about it) are what make for greatness. i don’t think he’ll win though.

  2. You really could make a reasonable case for all three. I wouldn’t be surprised if Colt McCoy gets it to make up for the fact that got screwed out of the BCS Championship Game.

    Tebow definitely lived up to his pledge (2:15) to “Gator Nation” after the Ole Miss loss. That’s for sure.

  3. I don’t know if he will win but HE SHOULD win. The Heisman Trophy Award is an award giving to College Football’s best player. Tim Tebow is clearly that.

  4. TU got what they deserved as far as the BCS.

    I think it would be cool if Tebow wins again. Who says homeschoolers can’t compete with those from public school.

    However it would cool to see someone like McCoy from a small school win. Jim Ned High school is a 2A high school so that means it is between 200-300 students.

  5. I don’t think the size of McCoy’s high school has anything to due with his athletic ability. Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker was from little Wrightsville Georgia . Peyton and Eli Manning went to a small single A school in New Orleans (Isadora Newman)

  6. Cousinwalter,

    No it doesn’t. Many from the big schools like 5A & Super 5A look down on the small school. It is as if your high school didn’t have 5,000 + students you aren’t as good.

  7. I think it depends on what state you live in. I recently took a public administration class and in it we learned that in the state of Texas they give out education vouchers. This means you can enter your kid at any school in the state. You just put on your voucher which one you want and that is where they send your kid. It seems that corruption would be common in Texas high school Athletics.

  8. You heard wrong. You can transfer to another district if you pay. Most districts allow teacher’s kids to transfer for free. However students who transfer are ineligible for competition for one year. Which really isn’t a big deal until 7th grade.

  9. Even if Texas had a voucher program that allowed students to go anywhere in the state remember that geography would limit a lot of that.

    Most of what I’ve seen is people in smaller districts that don’t have a lot programs. My high school used to have people come in from a neighboring district for band because their school didn’t have band. Students who transfer because their home district doesn’t have a program they want or because their parents teach in the district can attempt to apply for a waiver that allows them to compete. Although it is unlikely they will get a waiver for competition. In one year we had 2 students apply for waivers and one got the waiver but the other didn’t. Reason the person got the waiver was that her dad’s job had relocated to the town and the other family just moved to that town.

  10. interesting. It seems though that there would still be significant opportunity for corruption. You know how these parent/booster clubs are at some of these high school football programs. It is not that far out of the realm of possibilities that parent/booster just volunteered the money- under the table or not.

  11. I understand your point about McCoy being from a small school. Tebow unlike McCoy, Tebow played at a big high school program, Nease High School. Tebow was one of about 11 to receive major D-1 scholarships. Nease High School that year was like a national recruiting story. McCoy was from Katy, Texas?

  12. McCoy’s dad was the coach at Jim Ned.

    Time for a geography lesson. Katy is near Houston, a very affluent area with good super 5 A high schools. Jim NED CISD is the school district for several small towns in S. Taylor county near Abilene. It is a 2A small school. Why would anyone move from Katy to Jim Ned just to play football? McCoy’s family is from the Abilene area and was he born in Hobbs, NM.

    Tebow was a homeschooled but used some sort of option that Florida has for homeschoolers and private school students who attend schools without sports programs that allows them to play sports in their home school.

  13. So Tebow didn’t actually take classes at Nease, he just played on their football team.

    I am not very familiar with Texas. My brother’s girlfriend grew up in Midland.

  14. It is obvious you aren’t familiar with Texas. Now Midland is an an area that used to have a lot of corruption in football. Permian HS from neighboring Odessa did just about everything to win. Their program was the subject of a book and movie “Friday Night Lights”.

  15. I meant the school districts. She said that she went to Midland High School.

    Freshmen year of college, my friends and I drove from Athens, Georgia to South Padre.

  16. What do you mean by districts?

    Going to Padre for spring break is not really seeing Texas. That part of Texas is very differant from west Texas (geographic area not the town). Texas encompasses 6 geographic regions. Padre is on the Southern Coastal plain far different from the Big Country. Texas is bigger than 48 states and many countries so it has a lot of diversity.

    I had some from friends that went to Midland Lee but my cousins went to Odessa Permian.

  17. Driving from New Orleans to Houston- to Corpus Cristi to Padre is definitely an experience. One of friends was sitting in the front seat telling all six of us in the car what there was in every small town that we passed. Kind of as a joke to kill time. Houston seemed kind of generic or prepackaged.

    When I was in college at the University of Georgia, I think I met a zillion people from Dallas and they all went to Highland Park High School. Even the rich kids. They claimed that private schools in Dallas astronomically expensive.

  18. Highland Park is essentially a private school. The district takes no money from the state so they can do what they want. The kids from the Park Cities area are only talking about the precieved elite private schools. There are many good choices for normal people that aren’t outrageous. My cousin’s mom used to teach in Highland Park.

    Still driving from along 10 you only saw the part of the state that is in the coastal plain not much diversity there.

  19. Still, it was kind of bizarre to see so many kids from one high school who left there home state to come to Athens.

    When I was little kid, my mom, my sister, and me drove from Atlanta to Dallas to visit my relatives.

  20. is this a zoning forum or a thread about football?

    and since the heisman is a QB/RB award (not the “best player” award like it’s made out to be) i usually ignore it.

    name the last heisman winner who turned out to be worth the hype in the NFL

  21. That is a good question. Reggie Bush sold tickets but…

    Carson Palmer has put up good numbers despite playing for the cess pool of a franchise that is the Bengals.

    Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas. That’s about it off the top my head.

  22. Had Ricky Williams kept his head, he would have been on that list too.

    But Stem’s right. The past 10 years the list of winners have been NFL flops. The ’80s crop was much stronger.

  23. Go ahead and add Ricky Williams. He was good before he completely lost his mind.

    I think the whole over exposure of players by ESPN has not helped. Stats tend to blur people’s opinion. Seriously, How hard is it,really, for Bradford to put up those great numbers behind that behemouth of an offensive line?

    That is an NFL offensive line. Same thing with Texas Tech and Florida for that matter.

  24. The talent gap between NCAA football and the NFL probably has alot to do with why so many Heisman winners don’t fare better in the NFL. It’s almost a completely different sport when they get up there.

    Of all the sports, football has to have the biggest sampling of great college players who were busts at the professional level, and unheard of college players who turn out to be great in the NFL.

  25. I would have to agree with that. The speed is so much different. It seems that NFL scouts care more about what these guys do in the combine than what they achieve on the field sometimes. A good example of that would be Georgia’s Matt Stafford.

  26. The single reason Heisman winners now aren’t good in the pros is we aren’t selecting the best player in College football but the best player from the annual top 15 teams of college football.

    Michael Crabtree and Shonn Greene are the two best players in college football this year. Anyone want to take bets the two I mentioned have a lot better careers in the NFL than the 3 Heisman candidates?

  27. Michael Crabtree and Shonn Greene should have at the very least been giving a free trip to New York.

    The NFL Draft and the NFL itself is a real crap-shoot. Some guys have a good career or bad career based on solely who they end up with. Opportunity definitely plays a big part of it.


    yes, having one of the most common names in the world, i shouldn’t get so excited about the fact that there’s a famous dude with the same name 🙂

  29. My all time favorite college football team was the 97 Blue. I really wish Grumpy old Carr was still around at times like these.

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