The 12 Tunes of Christmas – Day 3

Today’s tune goes out to all the expectant mothers our there. Having recently welcomed our second child into the world, I can appreciate how extra special Christmas is when you’re anticipating the birth of your little ones!

After an extended hiatus, Sixpence None the Richer returns with a full album of Christmas classics and a handful of new tunes. A new album of original material is reportedly in the works. You can also download their four-song EP My Dear Machine at NoiseTrade.

Sixpence None the Richer – The Last Christmas


8 thoughts on “The 12 Tunes of Christmas – Day 3

  1. We listened to that album online the other day and it was pretty good.

    Except their cover of River (Joni MItchell). That was just weird.

  2. Pretty weird that both Sixpence and Rosie Thomas decided to put “River” on their Christmas albums. I’m with you on how “weird” the Sixpence version is. But I think Rosie’s version is better than Joni Mitchell’s!

  3. Better then Joni Mitchell? Heresy!

    Rosie Thomas’ version is nicely nuanced and low key (best reimagining I’ve heard), but it really can’t top Mitchell’s original. As much as I want to tell jazzy Joni to just get to it some times she masters that song on a level Thomas will need a few more decades of experience and heartbreak to attain.

    The Sixpence version is strangely disconnected.

  4. Thomas’ vocals are far superior and the arrangement flows better IMO. I guaranteed if you to a blind taste test with people on the street that are unfamiliar with the song Thomas’ rendition gets preferred 10 to 1.

    Sixpance’s version is disjointed. The rest of the album is nice though.

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