How I spent my afternoon

They shut down our offices at 3PM today so everyone could have plenty of time to try to get home safely. This is how I spent my extra time at home. More to come over the weekend!


9 thoughts on “How I spent my afternoon

  1. Man, I miss upstate NY. We had 55 degree weather here with nasty rain. It was dreary and felt like mid-August, not the week before Christmas.

  2. he is so lucky! i’d give anything for the days of snowsuits, snowmobiles and making igloos and forts in the snow. you on the other hand, well, you’ve got a shovel 🙂

  3. hmmm…i am not jealous at all ….
    just so that you know in california they have this phrase that they say “We are going to the snow”….cause they have that option unlike most places in the country

  4. I built my first snow fort last night. Then we turned it into a tunnel. Do you guys feel any better? Aunt Kelly drove in from PA last night.

  5. Dude! Just finished shoveling out for the third time since yesterday. Tomorrow is round two and I think Tuesday is round three for us! Now all I need are my old Chicago minus 20 or minus 30 wind chills and I’d be all set… to move to Florida!!

  6. Supposedly we only got 7.5″ yesterday (bull) and like 4″ or 5″ this past Tuesday or Wednesday. We have another storm coming tomorrow and then more snow Christmas eve. Ugh!

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