The not-at-all premature playoff picture

Matthew J. Darnell revised his previous playoff picture. Don’t anyone dare pinch me, I’m enjoying this dream too much!


13 thoughts on “The not-at-all premature playoff picture

  1. Its so sad how the viks are going to piddle it away against a bears team they beat by 30 when they played a few weeks ago. I guess we didnt set a record but we did fumble the ball 7 times in a game last week and still lost by 7 pts. Every single year why does it have to be this.

  2. sorry, the Dolphins are gonna lose to the Jets. atleast that’s my gut. but then again, maybe Pennington goes home and does well. who knows.

  3. I dunno. The Jets are imploding. Favre’s been a train wreck the past few weeks. If Losman doesn’t fumble that bootleg on 2 and 5 (what???) the Dolphins would have already clinched the division.

    Plus, the Dolphins won last week’s game in single digit temps. Maybe leopards really can change their spots?

    I’m just glad I’m going to get to (probably) see the game. When it was a 1PM game it would have been preempted by the meaningless Bills game here. At least now I have a shot at seeing it af 4PM. Local games haven’t been announced though.

  4. The playoff picture is so jumbled that even a child using an Etch-A-Sketch for the first time would have problems committing it all to memory before being asked to sketch it all out as a diagram using the intstrument in question.

    tophatal ……………

  5. i’m torn for my love of the Jets and my love of Chad Pennington.
    For all of your reservations, shane, he’s definitely made a positive impact on the fins….

    i want to see chad prove to the jets that he was worth keeping….

    and i want to see the jets advance to the playoffs

    OH! i also want someone to make a t-shirt with bellichicks face (with brady looking over his shoulder)over the caption, “cheaters never win”

  6. true dat….

    but when they were running up the score in meaningless games last year because they felt “slighted” that we would DARE question their collective integrity as an org once the cheating was made public and IRREFUTABLE and then set about pattenting a now embarrasingly defunct “19-0” trademark…they got thumped in the super bowl.
    that, my friends, is sports justice.

    oh, did i mention that tom brady got to play all of ten minutes this year?

    cheaters never win

  7. i agree. that’s why my pats fandom has been severely lessoned and why instead of being a “2 team guy” i’m just saying go bears 🙂

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