Over the Rhine – Live at St. Elizabeth

A couple weeks ago Over the Rhine played a quaint little church in Cincinnati. We had tickets to the show that we couldn’t use, so we sent our friends Matt and Ashley as surrogates. We were there in spirit.

Someone posted a phenomenal recording of the show on Archive.org. Here it is for your streaming enjoyment.


11 thoughts on “Over the Rhine – Live at St. Elizabeth

  1. Oh, yeah! Skipper loved the CD I got for him! I know almost every word to every song by heart. Good stuff! I made a youtube video of vacation pictures with one of their songs.

  2. I haven’t been to the Taft shows, no… but I am already thinking of perhaps going to Cincinnati next December. They hardly ever come to Rochester (as you know).

  3. Every time we’ve seen them, we’ve had to travel. Except for their opening for Ani at the Auditorium last March. But the cool thing is we’ve never seen them in the same venue twice, and I’ve seen them perform in 6 or 7 different cities.

    I’ve actually had some talks with their management about bringing them to Rochester sometime soon. I’m confident that if I could find a handful of investors/fans 😉 we could get done. I’ve also repeatedly urged them to submit their stuff to the Jazz Fest. So who knows…

  4. Funny, at their Christmas show the year we saw them, the first question during Q&A was “When are you coming back to Rochester?” Their only gig here since then was the Ani show (and that was pretty lousy song selection, IMO). I toyed with trying to book them at the German House back when Artisan was meeting there, but I never really got it going. Maybe we should put our heads together and make a real effort sometime. 🙂

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