The agony of defeat …

It seems a bit absurd for me to be disappointed by the Dolphins loss to the Ravens yesterday. After a 1-15 season the year before I guess I should be elated that they won the division and made huge strides toward turning the franchise around.

The Dolphins success this season came from taking care of the football and smart, efficient play from Chad Pennington at quarterback. The polar opposite of the effort they put on display in yesterday’s debacle.

I was very disappointed. I could have lived with a loss, if they had bothered to show up for the game.

Ah well. I guess there’s always next year. Or the year after that. Or the year …


14 thoughts on “The agony of defeat …

  1. i was suprisingly pulling for miami. i loved marino as a kid. i was happy with san diego and arizona, and with philly who i’m pulling for in the whole thing. i’d like to see philly -v- pittsburg. i think the eagles can beat ny, but either one instead of carolina i’ll be fine with. i can’t stand the panthers. and for some reason don’t like the titans, either. i’m sure both teams will win their games this weekend, but i would like for them to both lose. so basing my picks on what i want instead of what is logical, i say…

    baltimore over tennessee
    pittsburg over san diego
    and then 2 weeks from now pittsburg over baltimore

    arizona over carolina
    philly over ny
    and then 2 weeks from now philly over arizona
    (that one is crazy i know)

    and then philly over pittsburg. help me out jimmy 🙂

  2. ok, i’ve got to defend my boy chad…

    granted, he played the worst game of the season at the worst possible time. 4 picks is horrible and unacceptable.

    but would you have even sniffed the playoffs this year without him?

    the answer to that is: no

  3. I’m pretty sure I credited Pennington’s “smart, efficient play” as one of two key reasons they made the playoffs. I didn’t even criticize him for throwing four picks. I like the guy, and am glad he had a career year.

    That being said… he’s not the long-term solution. He’ll be 33 in June – not to mention a bit injury prone – and they’ve got two 2nd round picks waiting in the wings. It will be interesting to see how they balance Pennington’s productivity while grooming Henne over the next couple of years. Hopefully they can do it without a QN controversy.

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