So … what’s new?

I’m suffering from a bit of blogger’s block. So here’s a non-post.

What’s new with you? Projects? Updates? See any good movies? Any profound discoveries? Injuries or ailments?

Let’s just chat for a while today, shall we?


16 thoughts on “So … what’s new?

  1. Sarah, we have the Roth nose going on in our family. 🙄 super sensitive and is the first thing to enter a room.

    Our latest update is: I joined a MLM. 😯 I am selling energy drinks and the business of course.

    Now, I need to check on Levi and make sure he is working…unlike his mom…

  2. I never saw that episode! I wish I would have known, I could have been under Michael Scott’s downline.

    I’ll have to play this clip before I play my new business dvd to my prospects. 😆

    That was funny! 😆

  3. MLMs are one reason I am glad to be a dude. Cheryl gets constant invites for Pampered Chef, Body Shop, Avon, etc, etc, from her friends. She always feels bad not going, like they’ll hate her for not supporting their thing. But a) we’re broke, and b) she has ZERO interest in that stuff.

    I’m glad there’s nothing like that for dudes. Hmm. Maybe I should start one for my homebrews! 😆

  4. I was selling for a spa MLM company last year, then I saw that the stuff I made was better quality so I started doing “spa parties” with my own, less expensive products. But it’s not done in MLM fashion. There is only one level, and I’m it! I’m at the top!! Go, me! But the hostesses get to have discounts.

    Here is my MLM and it’s geared toward dudes too! The whole family in fact! They are wellness and energy products. Being a football fan, you may know some of the endorseres. I have things that I make here at the house that some of my clients buy such as bath salts, so I’ll just add some Spark and Fem 20 & 40 to the mix if they need energy or balanced hormones. This companies line goes hand in hand with what I am already doing. I’m also not looking at it as a way to get rich. The thing I’ve been growing in the basement, now, that’s my golden ticket. I just wish it would stop screaming during the night so it doesn’t blow my cover…

  5. The baby seems to be getting sick too. It’s all those stinking people we touched and that held him last week. I’m sure no sleep and stress and all that doesn’t help any of us either.

  6. i went into the pharmacy for a prescription last night and it was $250. seems my insurance lasted through the rest of ’08, but has now ended. and my feelings about universal health care have become even more hardline, if that was even possible.

    it’s strange, i think back on how i whined about the crappy benefits, the 2k deductable, all that stuff, and now i just wish i had those crappy benefits. $7 as opposed to $250? yeah, i’ll take that. it seems the verbal abuse i received daily from my former boss really was worth it. ugh.

  7. RI has nothing available for “normal” people without insurance. apparently this is one of the worst states in the u.s. in regard to healthcare. hooray! i see my doc tomorrow, and will basically say “i am paying a benjamin to see you basically to find out if there’s ANYTHING that can be done til i’m gainfully employed again”…which is another bummer…RI’s economy & unemployment rate are inordinately high, which when compared to the rest of the country means “oh sh*t!” but, i have interviews coming up, jobs i’m waiting to hear back from, just got to keep plugging away and hoping God provides.

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