National Champs!


11 thoughts on “National Champs!

  1. Did anyone watch the game last night? FOX’s coverage was atrocious!

    I don’t care how long it takes Oklahoma to run a play, show me the flippin’ play clock! And stop with the split screens while you’re at it!!

  2. And stop calling Tebow perfect.

    Luckily the wife and I were watching Season One of Arrested Development during most of the game and I got to fast forward between plays afterwards.

  3. no kidding.

    i’m watching OK’s QB stare at the sideline in a near panic and i keep thinking “where’s the play clock!? Where’s the freaking play clock?!?!?!?!”

    i knew florida would win…but i didn’t expect their defense to be that tough. 2 goal line stands against the top red zone offense in the nation? fantastic.

    the peanut gallery of fools (of which lee corso is the current president) kept talking about oklahoma’s “missed opportunities” as if florida’s defense had nothing to do with it. fools!
    can we just admit that the SEC is in a totally different universe talent-wise and if their champion makes it out of the regular season relatively healthy, they’re going to win?

  4. Yeah, all the sports talk shows are all over whoever the announcer was for his man crush on Tebow. Hey, he’s a great kid. But lathering him with praise like that is just going to make people dislike him.

    Florida’s defense gave me fits. The goal line stands were huge, but man were they nerve racking!

  5. I had lost track and assumed the announcer was right. So I’m yelling at the refs thinking they gave Oklahoma a 5th down. I thought we were going to have a repeat of the 1990 Colorado v. Missouri game.

    My favorite part of the whole game was that story Thom Brennamen told about the time Tim Tebow turned Gatorade into wine.

  6. a topic on boston sports radio today was whether tebow can be a nfl qb. i personally have never understood the “great in college, can’t play pro” thing; duke players in the nba, most heisman winners in the nfl, tons of hockey players and i have no idea about baseball. the comparison was made to brady quinn, but i honestly haven’t watched tebow play once so i have no idea.

  7. Hilarious.

    I knew he’d come back, I called it the night of the championship. I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even have his sights on the NFL, given the mission work his family does and his major at UF.

    Now if only Percy Harvin will follow suit!

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