Derek Webb goes electronic?

Derek Webb is currently in the studio working on a follow up to last year’s The Ringing Bell. This time around he seems to be pushing the envelope even further with his music.

Here’s how his most recent email newsletter describes the new project:

It’s been over a year since Derek released his critically acclaimed The Ringing Bell, and he’s currently writing and recording his new album, which we hear is going to be titled Stockholm Syndrome. He’s collaborating with long time friend and former Caedmon’s Call bandmate Josh Moore on what is rumored to be a more experimental, electronic album.

Teasing with programmed and decidedly more ‘inorganic’ elements, Stockholm Syndrome is shaping up to be Derek’s most ambitious album to date.

Be on the lookout for a tentative May 2009 release.

Am I the only one that just cringed a little?

8 thoughts on “Derek Webb goes electronic?

  1. i don’t know if i’d told you, but i picked up a d-webb cd in the used bin for a whopping $2, mockingbird. i liked it. i knew the name thanks to thee, butrose 🙂 as far as electro, david bazan did it w/ headphones, and i wasn’t too impressed. but, some times weird experiments can be good. achtung baby, obviously. then again, you could end up with zooropa 😉

  2. @tim: Glad you liked it. You can download his latest “The Ringing Bell” for free on NoiseTrade.

    @Erik: I don’t hate electronic music persay. I own some of Moby’s albums and a handful of other things from the genre. It’s just that when my favorite artists shift from their established sound to what is almost an entirely different genre, I tend to raise a suspicious brow.

    See also: Nearly all post-Mellon Collie releases by the Smashing Pumpkins, and the aforementioned Zooropa by U2 (although I did like Pop).

    Anyway, I doubt Webb is doing an about face musically. Just bringing elements in. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one, he’s more than earned it.

  3. as a long time joy-electric, virus, deitiphobia and echoing green fan i have to say i welcome electronica with open arms.

    do a duo with ronnie martin, and we’re in!

  4. I kind of like when that happens myself.

    Not that I usually buy that CD but I think artists need to constantly challenge themselves to remain their best and young artists (not that Webb is necessarily that young) need to stretch their wings a bit ala Sufjan Stevens A Sun Came.

    A good artist (like U2 for instance) will bounce back and be even better (isn’t All You Can’t Leave Behind right after Pop?..that’s a great album IMO).

    There’s always the fear they’ll get stuck there, but I usually think it’s worth it to see them take risks. It makes them much more interesting in the long run.

  5. Like I said. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt. But the words “Derek Webb” and “electronic” remain a bit cringe-inducing for me.

    He gave us a taste of what this might sound like with One Zero [Remix] which I really didn’t enjoy at all. Now granted, those songs were remixes and not written as electronic arrangements or to include electronic elements. So a vastly different outcome is certainly possible.

    But I’m all for progress. For example, I love Radiohead more now than ever.

    @Stem:: I’ll never forget the time Echoing Green played Nyack College (with FIF as the headliner). There might have been 100 people there tops. All during their songs the lead singer kept telling people to dance, dance! DANCE! But no one ever did. (He didn’t know we weren’t allowed to.)

  6. i forgot about that show! jay reitz gave my flavor tape to the lady sax player in FIF, i wish i still had it, it was sooooo ill!!!

    and good call with the radiohead. kid a is far & away my favorite (sacrelige to many fans, i know).

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