“Mykonos” – Fleet Foxes

I’m sure most of our resident Nyack College alumni were aware of this already, but you may have noticed a familiar face if you tuned in to watch Saturday Night Live this weekend. The musical guests were Fleet Foxes – their drummer is none other than fellow alumn Josh Tillman (aka J. Tillman)!


7 thoughts on ““Mykonos” – Fleet Foxes

  1. I didn’t go to school with Josh but I waited tables with him for while he was at Nyack. The greatest contribution he made to my life was turning me on to Wilco.

    As far as the Foxes’ performance – I dug it. I hadn’t heard anything of theirs prior to this, but they sure as heck remind me of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – which is never a bad thing. I don’t think their style showcases Josh’s drumming chops as well as some of his work with Saxon Shore, but on the whole I really dug their sound.

  2. Yeah, I was listening to some of their stuff last week and I liked it. There’s a lot of retro sounding stuff out there but they kind of rise above a lot of it.

    This can’t be any weirder than hearing a song in the movie Legally Blonde and then when you look it up find out a girl you were in college choir with formed the band with her sister (Superchick btw). I remember Max Hsu from when he was in the local band Church of Rhythm too.

    It’s a crazy world.

  3. i posted this in the star wars post….
    but i found out about fleet foxes about a month ago and really likes them….then b/c of Shane status my wife told me josh was apart of them….i did the husbandly thing and was shocked but not it complete belief…so looked it up and wow….
    josh used to sleep on my couch in the mosely quad all the time…and always did a great job leading worship in chapel

  4. I was never there for any of those chapel’s, but I did see him play drums for Saxon Shore at Cornerstone in ’01(’02?). I was really impressed.

    I have his Stately English demo somewhere. Anyone know who the girl is that he recorded that with?

  5. The Stately demo was recorded with Bethany, his then-girlfriend. Fleet Foxes has also played Letterman and Conan, and had a feature article in Rolling Stone (along with winning album of the year in the european something awards). But actually, to correct your original blog post (sorry), Josh isn’t technically alum. He dropped out to pursue the rock and roll dream during his junior year. Another factoid that I never see mentioned is the band that Josh, Fetch, Brad, and myself formed while at Nyack… “The Autumn Moments” Haha, I guess three practices doesn’t count as a band…

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