Shake it like a Polariod once again!

If you were distraught over Polaroid’s decision to discontinue all of its analog film production in 2008 there is new reason for excitement!

A group of folks calling themselves The Impossible Project think there’s still a buck to be made in vintage Polaroid film. So much so that they have purchased all of Polaroid’s old manufacturing equipment and signed a 10-year lease on the factory building. Their intent is to begin production on Polaroid film for the purpose of selling it to vintage collectors and hobbyists.

The task comes along with some challenges.Namely, they only have 12 months of research and development time to find “new solutions for replacing/upgrading problematic/expensive components.” Apparently some of the stuff that is needed to make the film doesn’t even exist now that Polaroid has thrown in the towel.

While they’re busy sorting all that out, I’ll be out searching our local Goodwill stores for old Polaroid cameras!


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