Snoop Dogg pretty much desecrated the Holy of Holies with this one! The song is part of the recently released  (superfluous) compilation Johnny Cash Remixed.

I Walk the Line – Johnny Cash (Feat. Snoop Dogg)


18 thoughts on “BLASPHEMY!!!

  1. @Jim: I wish it weren’t, but alas…

    And Stem is right, Johnny must be rolling in his grave.

    It’s funny to contrast this crap with the work Cash did at the end of his career where he (as an actual artist) did a bunch of covers. When Johnny did it, many of songs turned out better! (Hurt, Personal Jesus, etc.)

    When these guys “covered” his music, they essentially dumped raw sewage all over his grave.

  2. Man that’s crap. I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing… I love Johnny and how he really reinvented himself doing covers in the latter part of his career. I like Snoop too actually, but the combination is just nasty…

    As John Stewart says… I love cheese on Italian food. It’s amazing! But melt it on Chinese food and it’s crap. Some things just aren’t meant to go together.

  3. This is really bad, BUT I wouldn’t say that Johnny is sacred.

    Take for instance, the recent video of Everlast’s cover of Walk the Line – I think it is a pretty hot cover.

    You can probably Youtube it, I beleive it is off of Everlast’s recent album – which I actually need to get my hands on, come to think of it.

  4. I don’t think anyone is saying that no one should cover Johnny Cash, I just think we all believe that if you are going to you sure as heck better do it justice. And this is certainly not the case here.

  5. Wow rev. I’ve gotta disagree wholeheartedly with you saying Everlast’s cover of Folsom Prison Blues is a “hot cover.”

    They took the beat to Jump Around by House of Pain (his previous musical incarnation) and laid it over a verbatim rendition of Cash’s song. That’s so lame!

    Still not as bad as Snoop’s abomination, but … man … two thumbs way down!!

    Now here’s how you cover Folsom:

    Live didn’t do too bad with Walk the Line either:

  6. totally misread her! 😉 probably the three screaming kids! cheryl is WRONG, NO ONE should cover johnny cash, well maybe phish 😉 hehe.

  7. Eh. I keep tuning out the Snoop Dog one.

    I really did not like the Everlast cover though.

    I should get that Johnny Cash album. I really liked Rusty Cage.

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