Wii finally got one!

Josiah’s prayer last night…

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this day. Thank you that I got to see my friends. And thank you that we finally got a Wii!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Yeah. We’ve been talking about it for a long time. Probably felt like an eternity for the little guy. But we finally got one last night. (Thank you Uncle Sam!) We spent the evening working our way through Wii Sports. Best game system ever!

Josiah’s favorite is probably the bowling game. He’s really good at it! Mom and dad simply can’t hang with him at the bowling alley. But no one can hang with me in boxing – which has to be the greatest video game ever invented. And quite the workout too!


7 thoughts on “Wii finally got one!

  1. welcome shane, welcome.

    we couldn’t afford a wii either, but we got one for pastors appreciation in oct.
    i openly wept.

    whatever skills you think you have in boxing, let me assure you, are juvenille at best.
    i would beat you like i beat andrew e. in erie PA the night before his wedding in b-ball.

    our 6 year old kicks tail in bowling, too. when i called my wife at lunch today, her and abbie were going at it and abbie was beating her down.

    not since the original NES have video games been so much fun.

    also, i have acquired a few other games…and they’re fun…but i find myself playing wii sports the most.

  2. dude i never ever ever saw my besties little boy cry until after they got a wii and it was bedtime.

    and then there’s my friends here who got rock band “for their son”. we enjoy it very much 🙂

  3. Stem, didn’t Andrew destroy you in one-on-one?

    I’m not sure how many matches I’ve fought, but I still haven’t lost a match. I’m somewhere in the 600 range after an hour of playing time. Although, I had my first real challenge last night. I had to beat the guy three times before it let me advance, apparently I wasn’t convincing the first two.

    Someone got me hip to a trick in Wii bowling that makes little kids amazing and I think it’s true. If Abbie is at all like Josiah she puts very little effort into lining up and all that and just chucks the ball down the alley. And it probably gets air for the first half of the trip down the alley. It appears as through when that’s the case, you pretty much automatically get a pretty good first ball (strike, 8 or 9). Then you get alot of spares employing the same “tactic” for your second shot.

    After paying attention to Josiah last night, I think there’s something to it. The funny thing is Cheryl and I can’t recreate it. It’s like there’s a secret handicap for little kids to make the game fun for them or something. Josiah rolled a 205 last night!

    Love Wii Sports!

  4. me and andrew’s sister KILLED him and his 6-4 brother in 2 or 3 straight games.

    after that, i don’t think andrew even bothered playing me one on one.

    once you hit pro (over 1000) the matches get really hard.
    i’m around 1800 points and let me tell you, it’s very very tough.

    the further you, the more difficult it is to win convincingly…and thats what you have to do to advance in points.

  5. I was having trouble blocking the first two matches against the dude. So once he landed a few, the floodgates opened up and I had a hard time recovering.

    The third match I found a few combos that he was vulnerable to that helped me throttle him.

    Thanks. Now all I can think about is Wii Boxing. The rest of my day is shot!

  6. shane…

    hold the controllers directly in front of your chest…instead of swinging wildly (like everyone does at first) just flick your wrists.

    you’ll be able to punch much faster.

    in addition, instead of trying to block, keep the controllers directly in front of your chest and then move your entire body. so, you’ll still get a work out and it actually responds much better.

    you’ll hit pro in no time!

  7. I’ve got the blocking thing pretty well down. I just kept leaving the left side of my head open when I’d work his body (I’m a southpaw). Then he’d unload with a fury. But I fixed it. Dismantled him the third time.

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