Gone Phishin’!!!

You’ll have to excuse me, I”m pretty much out of my mind right now due to the fact that I just landed a pair of tickets to see Phish in Pittsburgh this summer!

Tickets for the tour went on sale this morning at 10AM. After about 300 attempts to buy tickets online (only to have the site crash each and every time), I had given up all hope. On a whim, I tried again after lunch. “Surely,” I said to myself, “it’s a lost cause at this point.” But I got right through, and picked up two of the few remaining lawn seats!

Further proof that God loves me and wants me to be happy.


10 thoughts on “Gone Phishin’!!!

  1. the fact that I have to drive 6 1/2 hrs to Pittsburgh and take two days of vacation to go to the show means that the gods of rock hate me.
    I can’t believe that “I may not go” came out of my mouth today.

  2. @Jim: Dude, you’ve had it too good for too long. To the best of my recollection, they haven’t played within a three hour radius of my house since 1998.

    I’ve make the 7 hour trek to Camden what … twice now? Once during the winter!!

    Man up.

    (Seriously though. I’ll totally understand if your wife isn’t as awesome as you made her sound and doesn’t let you that far off the leash. It’s cool. )

    Yes, I’m so holding this over your head.

    @Scott: I may have to ride in your trunk!

  3. wow, breaking out derogatory leash remarks…I thought I only got that at work!
    I think Jess owes me…currently she is away until Sunday afternoon with church ladies. it’s the two days of vacation that sort of bites. like, I only get 10 days you know? 20% of which will be spent driving to and from Pittsburgh??? PITTSBURGH???

  4. Make it a long weekend. Dump the wife and kids off in Rochester and then come down with me to the show.

    We’d get you guys to the ROC, which is a life goal of mine. But other than that, it’s the worst idea in the world.

    Yes JIm… make it a 25 hour round trip full of urban decay. It’ll be awesome!!

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