The next Gretzky?

Maybe not so much. 😆

Josiah had his first ice hockey practice yesterday. Unfortunately I had to work and couldn’t be there for it. So Cheryl make sure to take some photos and video to document this landmark event.

Not only was it his first time playing ice hockey, it was also his first time on skates. He’s starting the program a few months late so he’s a bit behind the other kids (not to mention a year younger). But we’ll get him caught up!


16 thoughts on “The next Gretzky?

  1. you don’t want him to be the next gretzky, you want the next bobby orr or cam neely 🙂

    i’ve tried to get my sister to have her kids learn to skate but no luck so far. it’s so sad – it’s maine! the road is a rink for six months!

  2. I think he did AWESOME! He was born to skate on ice! So…Cool! But if he starts throwing the gloves and sticks then it won’t be so cool!

  3. @Tim: “The next Perreault” didn’t have the same mass appeal. So I went with The Great One.

    @Mom2Ryan: Fighting isn’t allowed at any level until professional. If he gets that far … well … he’s his own man.

  4. i remember Kevin Smith telling me he had to wear a helmet while working for UPS because he’d had so many head injuries as a child.

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