Over the Rhine – If I’m Drowning (Live)

Yeah, so I’ve basically taken a week off from blogging. Anyone notice? 😆

Since Tim is going to see Over the Rhine tonight (as Jim E. should be) I figured it would be fun to post this little gem from the archive. It was recorded during their performance at the 1992 Flevo Festival in the Netherlands.

It’s kind of fun to see how much they’ve changed since this performance. Most notably their sound. But also that Karin is featured on keys while Linford is playing bass – in a bow tie! Stick around until the end, it’s kinda cool.


15 thoughts on “Over the Rhine – If I’m Drowning (Live)

  1. Hooray!

    Now just get ahold of Tim B. about those $15 tickets. I have his cell number, if you need it email me.

    Oh, and I’m glad I could publicly shame Jim into taking you. 😆

  2. That woman hasn’t aged at all! And Linford in a bow tie should not surprise you at all. But man, what a difference 17 years makes.
    That’s dedication on the part of those fans, it’s pouring rain!

  3. it was great, intimate, too short!
    they were definately much more ‘upbeat’ then other times i had seen them. i loved it.
    one awkward moment, when someone requested an older son in a quiet moment and karen told her no they didn’t know that song!

  4. That would be awkward! But, I could easily see that being the case.

    Karin and Linford have been together as Over the Rhine for 20 years, but nearly every tour has a different lineup depending on who they could hire to hit the road with them . Every time they tour they have to teach their players the songs they want to play on that tour and rehearse them. That’s why they pretty much play the same setlist each show of a given tour.

    So if someone requests a song from, say, their first album 20 years ago, odds are real good that Linford and Karin might only vaguely remember it – or not at all if they haven’t played it live in forever. But the other people playing with them definitely wouldn’t know it.

    Which gives me a renewed appreciation for Phish’s ability to delve deep into their catalog on a given tour. I guess that’s a bit easier to do when all four members have been playing together for as long as they have.

    Glad you dug the show. Their last album, The Trumpet Child, is considerably more upbeat than some of the more melancholy stuff from a few years back. If you didn’t pick it up at the show, you definitely should. (Or just check your mailbox in a few days 😉 )

  5. I’m still searching for a setlist, but the show was very good. I enjoyed the jazz/blues feel to it, though I would have enjoyed some of the more melancholy stuff of old.
    the highlight for me was the Linford song (Tom song) and the absolutely blazing drum solo. seriously, it was amazing and totally unexpected from the band and from a rather tame looking drummer.
    and yes, it was too darn short. intimacy was nice, but would much prefer a huge auditorium with a lengthier set list. I’m always a little discouraged when i see the typed set list come out at the top of the show.
    All things considered it was a 3.5 out of 5 show for me.

  6. I always get a kick out the fact that Karin plays a cookie sheet on “Don’t Wait for Tom.”

    One guy on the OTR fan forum said that it was pretty much the identical setlist from the night before. That set was:

    1. Born
    2. I don’t want to waste your time
    3. If nothing else
    4. I want you to be my love
    5. Trouble
    6. I’m on a roll
    7. North Pole Man
    8. We’re gonna pull through
    9. Long lost brother
    10. Who am I kidding but me

    Karin to keyboard
    11. Ohio
    12. Professional daydreamer
    13. (B.P.D.)
    14. Desperate for love
    15. Don’t wait for Tom
    16. When I go

    1. Cruel & Pretty
    2. New Redemption Song

    Which also is pretty much the same setlist as the following night in PA.

  7. The highlight for me would be watching my Dad and Aunts “discovering” OTR’s music. We got them tix for Christmas so we could just have a night out together and they absolutely loved it. We always get to talk music, so it was nice to experience it with them and have a common memory.
    The venue was way too cold. It took them a little while to get warmed up, but once they did it was what you expect from an OTR concert. It was also the same line-up I’ve seen them perform with the last 2 or 3 times together and they played a really tight set.
    Also, great to see Jim & Jess make it out to the show and connect with them for a few minutes.

  8. Tim, when’s the last time you saw OTR perform? Excluding the opening set they did with Ani DiFranco here in Rochester (as a quartet with no lead guitar) about a year ago, I haven’t seen them since we saw them with you and Sarah in NYC – I think that was October of 2007.

    I ask because I’m anxious to hear (former Vigilantes of Love guitarist) Kenny Hutson perform with them. He seems to have joined them fairly recently – within the past six months or so. Which is interesting because their current bassist – Jake Bradley – was also a member of VOL.

    Their current drummer is a guy by the name of Mickey Grimm. He’s been on their last two albums and has been touring with them for a couple years now. Jim, there was a reason you were impressed…

    Master percussionist Mickey Grimm launched his musical life journey as a precocious three-year old. By the seventh grade he was actively teaching, and by age seventeen he had appeared as a featured soloist at Carnegie Hall. … Mickey has performed around the globe with some of the world’s greatest musical innovators, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Atkins, Chuck Berry, and Mark O’Conner, to name only a few. Likewise, he has played the most prestigious of concert venues, including Wembley Stadium, the Kennedy Center, and Ryman Auditorium.

  9. Well, I believe that Jake Bradley and Mickey Grimm played when we saw them. I also saw them at the Living Room in the city at the end of the summer and Kenny Hutson was with them.

    Mickey Grimm is amazing! This drum solo was better than the one he did that night we saw them in the city.

    Interesting VOL connection, since they came to Nyack (and did a tour with) with VOL back in ’96 or so.

  10. It has been SOOO long since I’ve seen them…they’ve been a favorite since I was in high school…
    Little known fact? I own one of Karin’s old acoustic guitars… 😀

  11. That’s uhm… pretty freaking awesome! But where do you live? Anywhere within a 12 state radius and it’s pretty much inexcusable that you haven’t seen them in a long time.

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