A-Rod: “I did it.”

A few minutes ago Yankee third-baseman Alex Rodriguez confirmed a Sports Illustrated report which claimed he tested positive for steroids in 2003. A-Rod admitted to using “performance enhancing drugs” during his three year tenure with the Texas Rangers. According to Rodriquez, it was the pressure to perform after signing his record breaking deal with the team that led to his decision to cheat.

I’m not surprised by the news. But I am disapointed.

I’ve always kind of liked A-Rod – as a Yankee anyway. The reason my son doesn’t have an A-Rod poster on his wall has more to do with the fact that he has frosted tips and dabbles in Madonna, er… Kabbalah, than any other factor. Otherwise, I have typically defended him against the “A-Fraud” and “Mr. April” jeers of my fellow fans in pinstripes.

A-Rod’s reputation isn’t likely to ever going recover from this. Not even among the Yankee faithful. And that’s a shame because he didn’t need to cheat. His ticket to Cooperstown had already been punched, and his stats alone earned him a place at the “greatest ever” table. He’ll now spend the rest of his career in exile instead.

It hardly seems worth it.


24 thoughts on “A-Rod: “I did it.”

  1. i thought those jeers came from non-yankee fans 🙂

    i remember a few years back canseco said he had the goods on a-rod, and i expected to hear this sooner, so i wasn’t really suprised (not that i trust canseco, but i had been expecting it). but, honestly, if tomorrow they say big papi and ryan howard and teixara all juiced i wouldn’t be suprised, either, b/c it’s gotten to that point now where you kind of expect it. if the other 104 players were named who knows what would happen…mlb might get taken down.

    but as far as a-rod the player is concerned, his arrogance is punctuated in how he said “no” when katie courac asked if he’d been tempted to juice, as if he were just that wonderous and magnificent that he didn’t even need to be tempted. every player has felt tempted! he is a grade A d-bag in my humble opinion…and i honestly would have sat out on sox fandom if they’d signed him last season, before renewing lowell’s contract.

    listen to torre!

  2. @Tim: There is a certain insincerity that you get with A-Rod that has kept me from being gay for him as a player. He has sick talent, and I don’t mind him playing third for the Yankees at all. But I’ve never been completely sold on him for the reasons you mention.

    @Dee: Someone pointed out how that entire team was (or probably was) on the juice during that time period. Palmiero, A-Rod were both known juicers. But additionally, Juan Gonzalez’s stats fell through the floor after 2001. Don’t forget how the massive changes to Pudge Rodriguez’s body toward the end of his career as well!

    And let’s not forget that Mr. Conseco was also a Ranger during the mid-90s.

    Most juiced team ever? Yet so little success! 😆

  3. Well, W did bring in Ryan but the team still couldn’t win. W was only a minority partner who really didn’t do much except sit in the box for photo ops. I think we have Hicks to think for that.

  4. For the record, I didn’t bring up W. But since the conversation shifted that way, the information was relevant.

    And sheesh. I’ve given the Twins nothing but love for the past five years! This is the thanks I get!??! 😆

  5. I have always felt arod got a bad rap in NY so i don’t dislike him as much as your average yankee. I think he had a “steroids playbook” to follow on how to handle this and he seemed to choose the higher path of admitting what he did. Time will tell if he admittied everything my guess is he did though seeing what has happened to others who havent told the whole truth.

    Im also not sure how tarnished his reputaion will be after this my guess is when the other names drop people may just realize that a large protion of baseball for those years was performance enhanced and it simply is was it is.

    I do find it interesting that a good portion of baseball players, managers, ballboys etc were on speed back when the “grandfathers” of baseball were playing but thats not considered performance enhancing

  6. Shane now to make amends you must come here sometime when we have our new park next year and watch some small ball at its best!

    Also John Gators suck

  7. i think all of these PED are unfair but if more than a majority of the players were doing it, which it seems to me they were then we should judge by there era (which is one of the thing the HOF voters look at)….put a plaque at the beginning of the era saying that some of these players have been found or accused of using PED. Then put the best players of that era in
    I think Jim Rice should be personally thank bonds and the rest because now his number look that much better and has got to be part of the reason why he got in this year

  8. i think more players should do it like micky mantle (and larry bird) – drunk 🙂

    and jim rice got in b/c he deserves it.
    he was one of the most dominant hitters for 12 years, in which time he averaged .304, 29 homers, 106 ribbies & had four 200 hit seasons, eleven 20 homer seasons, eight 100 rbi seasons and is the only player to get 200 hits & 35 homers in 3 consecutive years. and this was back when 30 dingers was a big deal. plus, he was an 8 time all-star,
    8 time top 10 slugging (including 5 times in top 2), 4 times league leader in total bases & is the only AL player since 1937 to have 400+ bases in one season. he was in the top 5 mvp voting six times and in his career had 2,452 hits, 382 homers, 1,451 ribbies & 79 triples.

    the only reason it took so damn long for him to get in was he didn’t talk to the press and they hated him for it. LONG LIVE JIMMY RICE!

  9. exactly my point tim….most players with 382 homers and 2452 dominate their era but not all are in the HOF…I think he should be but he wasn’t automatic

    I would say with the current guys (AROD, Clemens, Bonds, etc) they should go into the HOF because they dominated the Steriod era and weren’t one dimensional like McGuire and Sosa…

  10. Jim Rice is a Hall of Famer. Steroid era aside.

    And another thing about A-Rod…

    Are we really supposed to believe that the pressure to perform in Texas is what drove him to take steroids, but yet he’s been clean since joining the Yankees?

  11. Nothing would surprise me…I think he would have to be even more “stupid, naive” to still be using…
    But i wouldn’t be shocked to find out that any body used or is using…
    I do believe that he is clean now my reason is because he was pretty open and honest during his interview…

  12. it’s an interesting point. and sports radio has been obsessed with this (and i’ve been having hour long drives frequently due to work, so hearing way too much of it!), but a really good point was brought up – we looked at a-rod as the guy who could pass bonds and do it “clean”. if this hadn’t come out, we’d all have thought, passing bonds or no, that he was such a great player (postseason aside – zing!) sans substances. so, we really have to question anyone whose played in the past 2 decades. it’s depressing, b/c that’s 2/3’s of my life, and nearly all of my fandom. hopefully my childhood faves like wade boggs & nolan ryan were clean. it was bad enough to see boggs in pinstripes…

    but, ryan makes a good point, too, b/c the guys who likely won’t get in due to PED’s were playing against so many others on PED’s that it’s likely to have been not all that enhancing! good grief. and i think he’s clean now, too, simply b/c after the clemens thing happened i think everyone juicing stopped, realizing you can’t get away with it anymore. but, prior to that, i’m sure a-rod has juiced in pinstripes.

  13. Remember when Canseco claimed in his book that 80% of all Major Leaguers were on the juice and everyone was like “Pssssht. Yeah right” …? Who would have thought he’d be the most credible person in all of this.

    I’ve heard Bob Costas make the case for some kind of designation in Cooperstown and the record books for the entire era that says something to the effect of: “The use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs were rampant during the years 19xx-20xx. Take these records for what they’re worth.” I’m obviously paraphrasing.

    Given the extent of who used them, and how impossible it is to determine who did or didn’t use and for how long, and what effect it had… I’ve kind of reached the point where I think you just have to let these guys in, and let the records stand and take it on the chin. How do you delete a 20-year history of the game?

    That being said… It’s time to let Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose into the Hall. If Bonds, A-Rod, Clemens, etc are going to get in, you have to. Don’t you?

  14. Yeah, I definately think those others should make it into the hall if we’re going to put known PED users in. If guys like McGuire, Bonds, Sosa, Palmo, Bonds, etc… make it into the hall on juiced #’s, then there’s going to be chaos here in Cincy if Pete doesn’t make it in. He’s more deserving of being in the hall for his on the field play with off field antics than some of these guys who’s use of PEDs directly effected the game while being Mr.Niceguy to the public.

    Look at the huge race between McGuire and Sosa in the late 90’s – they were national figures that were going to “change the face of baseball and restore it to our national past time…” Yeah, that’s worked out well for baseball.

    I don’t think that baseball will really be able to move past this in the public eye until there’s mandatory testing for every player in the sport, and there’s no way the players union will ever let that fly.

  15. McGwire and Sosa won’t make the hall. They were both one dimensional power hitters. And that one dimension was chemically enhanced at that! They’ll never get the votes. McGwire is more deserving and he only got like 20% this time around.

    It probably is noteworthy that baseball’s revenue is up and attendance is through the roof.

    I’ve honestly been much more into minor league baseball these past few years. I’m not sure how much of that is steroid related, if any. But at least the minors had steroid testing for a long time now, so it’s reasonable to expect that the players are, and were, clean.

  16. pete rose not being in is ridiculous. let charlie hustle in! i slid head first in little league b/c of him. plus, my autograph will be worth way more if he’s in 🙂

    the weird thing is that this has been such a big scandal in baseball. apparently the 70’s & 80’s in the nfl were akin to the past 15 years in mlb. the steel curtain was made out of juice.

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