Radiohead’s Grammy Performance

I have exactly zero interest in watching the Grammy’s each year. But I did happen to stop by while flipping channels last night for about three and a half minutes. All I know is I picked the right three and a half minutes!

Here’s Radiohead performing “15 Steps” with the USC marching band. Brilliant!

9 thoughts on “Radiohead’s Grammy Performance

  1. i thought this was great and you could tell the USC band members were thinking this is freakin awesome…
    My wife came and told it was on and watch that and quickly turned it off

  2. i caught this, too. i like thom yorke doing his “i’m having a seizure” dance more then the white rapper dance. but, no matter, radiohead is the hotness. i ❤ jonny greenwood, no one rocks a glockenspiel better!

  3. Had to be one of the biggest thrills of a lifetime for the USC band members who participated.

    Pretty much the only time EVER being a band geek upped someone’s social status. 😆

  4. c’mon ryan, do you really want to get into breaking out old photos?
    and i’m proud of my band days. if only we’d been good. if only i’d gone to a college that had a good marching band like USC.

  5. no we don’t want to break out old photos…
    I was just seeing how long it would take for you to respond..
    actually my level for band has increased after becca’s last job in NJ at South Brunswick…they would go to nationals often and we great…

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