Week 2: Progress?

So Josiah is getting the hang of skating pretty quickly. Stopping? Not so much.


2 thoughts on “Week 2: Progress?

  1. He learned the hard way yesterday that it’s a whole different ballgame without the pads.

    Because he’s a part of the GVYHC program, he gets to go to the arena during the Open Skates for free. I took him during my lunch break so he could work on his skating some more before Saturday’s practice.

    He didn’t wear any of his pads, just his helmet and skates. So when he charged into the wall as a way of stopping this time, the wall emerged victorious. Of course I felt like an idiot when he was on the ice crying at the other end of the rink and I couldn’t go help him because I didn’t have skates.

    Ah well. Trial by fire I suppose.

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