No Line on the Horizon

With just over two weeks to go before the new U2 album hits store shelves, another track from the album has found its way onto the blogsphere. This time it’s the title track “No Line on the Horizon.” I’ve posted it below for your consumption.

In related news … The boys from Dublin will be David Letterman’s house band for five consecutive nights during the album’s release week. It’s the first time any musical guest has been given a five day gig on Letterman. It’s also U2’s first appearance on the show since 2001.

U2 – No Line on the Horizon

5 thoughts on “No Line on the Horizon

  1. it’s gonna take a lot to make me happy. though, i did think how to dismantle an atomic bomb was amazing. i’m just, as i’ve said repeatedly, worried about them turning into the rolling stones where it’s just sad. 30 years is a looooooong time to be a band!

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