Those four magic words…


Pitchers and catchers report.

I do believe it’s time to shift gears to baseball! How’s your team look? Any pre-season predictions?

I can almost smell the sweet aroma of fresh cut grass and Zweigle’s hot dogs on game day!


10 thoughts on “Those four magic words…

  1. Look at that grip… LOOK @ THAT GRIP!! I love the “perfect 2 seam circle pinkee slider curve” he’s got goin’ on!

    Dude… my jonesin’ for P&K just skyrocketed! I think I peed myself a little over what THAT pitch is gonna do when it reaches the plate… 8^P

  2. Yeah, opening day at Frontier Field in the freezing cold temps sounds really good right now. LOL… tailgaiting on our little portable grills out in the parking lot before the game was classic.

    Around here baseball is HUGE for opening day and then no one talks about the Reds for the rest of the year. We’re talking business closings, parades, etc… and then absolutely nothing.

    For me, I’m dissapointed in the Cubs offseason, but what’s new there? They traded off Mark Dero for no good reason, dumped a few pitchers from the rotation without making the blockbuster trade for Peavy that everyone expected. It’s left us with out a good utility/bench player in Dero and a hole in our staff that will likely be filled with a random journeyman pitcher that will suck it up and be highly overpaid by Jim Hendry… Ah, the fun of being a Cubs fan.

  3. i can’t wait warmer temps its been in the high 50’s and low 60’s for like a week
    but more importantly that means fantasy baseball starts and real baseball and hopefully #27 in november

  4. As far as the Yankees off-season … I’m 50/50 on it. I mean obviously, to see Sabathia, Teixeira and Burnett come put on the piinstripes has me optimistic (even if they did spend WAY too much money). But I still have concerns about their middle rotation and their age overall.

    And I’m still on record as favoring Joba as the set up guy until he ultimately inherits the job from Rivera.

    The AL East will be interesting this year. I don’t think the Rays will be as successful as they were last year, so it will be back to the Yankees and Red Sox…. Good times!

  5. the phrase i heard on sports radio today “pitchers & catchers report, varitek included” made my year 🙂

    you like-a some predictions? well, what the hell, let’s see what we got. i’m going to pick a wacky one since every season seems to have one emerge – the rays, the rockies, etc.

    al east – boston (duh!)
    al central – chicago
    al west – l.a. angels
    wild card – kansas city. this years worst to first!

    nl east – philadelphia
    nl central – milwaukee
    nl west – l.a. dodgers
    wild card – n.y. mets…i pick them to go to the postseason every year and they blow it over & over. but, it makes yankees fans mad, so whatevs 🙂

    world series – boston -v- milwaukee. sox win, obviously.

  6. For the record, I love me some Papi. And I’m glad he doesn’t want to misrespect the fans by taking steroids. Now if only he’d stop misrespecting the English language!

    Oh, and I’m loving the fact that Griffey is returning to Seattle to finish his career. If you need me, I’ll be off buying tickets for when they come to the Bronx.

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