Racist? Insensitive? Or just plain unfunny?

The New York Post has found themselves in a little bit of a controversy over a political cartoon published in this morning’s edition. And like the good lemming I am, I’m going to draw even more attention to it by posting it here for discussion.

As you can imagine, Rev. Al Sharpton has already pounced all over this saying that it makes a “less-than-casual” comparison between President Obama and a chimpanzee. The Post is standing by their decision to run the cartoon.

Allegations of racism aside, one might also question the rather brash insensitivity exhibited by the Post. The cartoon makes light of an incident that has a woman still clinging to life in a Connecticut hospital after being viciously attacked by a chimpanzee.

Time for you guys to weigh in. Racist? Insensitive? Or just plain unfunny?


9 thoughts on “Racist? Insensitive? Or just plain unfunny?

  1. had noone mentioned Obama, my initial thought would have been that a monkey penned the stimulus bill and now they’ve shot him, not anything to do with comparing Obama to a monkey.
    So, in my mind it’s not racist. And because I think the stimulus is an absolute crock I think the cartoon is hilarious.
    However, I think it is in poor taste in light of the fact that the lady is nearly dead.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t give a first impression because the first i heard of it was in an article talking about Sharpton’s reaction.

    But I have to admit it’s not a stretch. The whole black people / primates thing is a bit over hyped, but is a legitimate cause for outrage in some cases in my opinion.

    I don’t see it so much here. But I will admit that it’s not too much of a stretch to interpret it the way Sharpton has. I mean … who “wrote” the stimulus bill? Or, maybe better put, who was its biggest cheerleader?

    And if it was an intentional parallel… we have a whole different issue on our hands. Namely, making light of a bullet ridden caricature of the President. Yikes!

  3. Hmm…my first impression was ‘huh?’ I hadn’t even heard of the lady attacked by the chimpanzee.

    The second was ‘the stimulus is so bizarre its like a crazy monkey wrote it and eventually we’re all going to stop cheering and turn on him.’

    Honestly, I didn’t think Obama at all until I read this. He didn’t write the stimulus bill, even if he is pushing it hard. Although if it doesn’t work he will take the fall, not ‘the sky is falling’ economists or Congress.

    Rev. Al has been around long enough and seen so much that I certainly think he’s entitled to his opinion, but I also think he’s wrong at least 60% of the time. When someone’s been in battle that long everything looks like an attack.

  4. Maybe they’re implying that chimps are writing our Stimulus bills as of late? (implying that they are not very good) a different spin on things.

    That’s the thing, unless it’s outright racist, a person’s interpretation can be anything and al sharpton should sit down and shut up. He’s an idiot imo

  5. I think it is all of the above but mostly stupid. I’ve seen funnier stuff submitted by my middle school art students. It is just very lame can’t they do better than that.

  6. I’m listening to the Stephanie Miller Show right now at my desk and I have to say, I’m really surprised by how big a deal is being made of this cartoon on the show. It’s seriously all the callers want to talk about.

    Apparently, the comic ran adjacent to a photo of Obama signing the stimulus bill. Coincidence?

    And Gawker.com posted a bunch of Sean Delonas’s cartoons. Apparently he’s got a pretty healthy streak of unfunny, subtle hate mongering toons going on at the Post.

  7. Reminds me of a local talk show host’s “orangutan escapes zoo, runs for mayor” comment in referring to the black incumbent and a problem at the local zoo. The situation got ugly and he lost his job for a year for that remark. It will be interesting to see what the fallout is from this.
    With that said, it is disappointing that this drawing is being framed as racism instead of an example of the press doing its job (serving as an additional check-and-balance for government and their wayward actions)

  8. There won’t be any fallout. The NY Post is standing by it. They did offer a half-apology, but their position is clear.

    It’s a stretch in my opinion to call this cartoon racist. While I can see how some might take it that way, I don’t agree.

    Lonsberry’s comments about Mayor Johnson weren’t as much of a stretch. I didn’t think he should have lost his job over it, but an apology for his ignorance and/or insensitivity was certainly justified. Lonsberry’s no dummy. While he may not have intended to draw the parallels between blacks and primates, he certainly should have been smarter about his implications.

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