Anyone want a free book?

Mudpuppy sent me this link the other day, but I just got around to looking into it now.

Basically, if you call Catalyst at (888) 334-6569 and talk to one of their “concierges” they’ll send you a book. Plain and simple. There are four you can choose from.

I thought it was a bit weird that Seth Godin’s book Tribes was one of the books you could choose to receive from a church leadership ministry because:

a) He isn’t a Christian.

b) He’s a marketing guy. He writes about marketing, not Jesus.

But I read his blog every day, so I wasn’t about to turn down a chance to scoop up a copy of his book for free.

Anyway, they had several books to choose from. Some were faith based, some were not. But it appears to be legit, so if you are looking for something new to read – go for it! But you better hurry because you only have two more days.


One thought on “Anyone want a free book?

  1. As a followup…

    I’ve seen Seth’s books being pimped a lot at churches (specifically the Purple Cow), and having read Tribes recently he really talks a lot about change within the church, and leadership in general.

    Even though I’ve already read Tribes, I had Catalyst send me another copy simply so I could give it to someone else. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    I had to leave a voicemail at that number, but they called me back the next day and shipped it out. Very legit!

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