So long Frank Caliendo!

Ok, so as a sports fan I should probably be waxing nostalgic over today’s announcement that John Madden has retired from announcing. Hall of Fame coach, top-selling video game, color commentator for 30 years… I mean, the guy is pretty much an institution and all.

But I’d much rather revel in the fact that it (hopefully) means the immediate end of Frank “One Trick Pony” Caliendo’s comedic career. Let the heavens rejoice!


14 thoughts on “So long Frank Caliendo!

  1. why couldn’t it’ve been tim mccarver?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! or joe buck or steven a. smith or cris collinsworth or tony kornheiser or skip bayless or those 2 clowns who do the yankees games. i’d take the big doofus over all of them.

    1. I’m with you! I absolutely cannot stand the Joe Buck/Tim McCarver duo.
      Every time I see them together it’s like “is the booth really that small that they need to be so close that they’re almost kissing? Or is it that Joe Buck just wants to kiss Tim McCarver?”

  2. the irony about mccarver is every red sox fan (myself included) think the guy is completely in love with the yankees and lacks any sense of objectiveness. yet, shane & jimmy both can’t stand the guy, either. clearly he just plain sucks 🙂

    collinsworth already got the slot to replace him, so with him and kornheiser up there i won’t be watching…not that i was going to unless the bears were on, anyways. i don’t know, they don’t make announcers like they used to. i think the drunks were the best.

  3. I’m not so sure about that man. TK works for ESPN and does Monday Night. Collinsworth works for NBC and is going to be doing Sunday Night in Madden’s place with Al Michaels. I haven’t read (nor can I find) anything about him switching networks.

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