Quote of the day

Taken from a Christianity Today article titled The Giant Story: Rob Bell on why he talks about the Good News the way he does.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. i like that. it makes sense of why we STAY on earth after being saved. we have a purpose and a plan, not just to live and breath but to serve God and to demonstrate his love and grace, to be his ambassadors and witnesses. blessings, fireball

  2. that’s a good article. i still find it ironic that he & mark driscoll’s churches have the same name. i bet driscoll gets really mad about that >:P

  3. Like Josh said, to an extent. Driscoll’s church is surprisingly missional, but his emphasis on the traditional gospel presentation is unmistakable. (He just thinks the Left Behinders are a bit nuts).

    Bell finds himself under fire from the more “fundamentalist” types quite often because his gospel presentation feels so loose and quasi-universalist. Bell tends to talk of renewal in terms of stories, imagination, possibility and works-focused.

    Contrast that with Driscoll who will paint a similar picture of “renewal” with a 22-week series on Nehemiah.

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