Pick the Derby and win 100 Grand!

Today is the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby. And each year we have a little friendly contest to pick the winner. You don’t have to know anything about horse racing. Just pick a name and root for your horse to win the derby!

The winner get’s 100 Grand so claim your horse now!

1 West Side Bernie (30-1)
2 Musket Man (20-1)
3 Mr. Hot Stuff (30-1)
4 Advice (30-1)
5 Hold Me Back (15-1)
6 Friesan Fire (5-1)
7 Papa Clem (20-1)
8 Mine That Bird (50-1)
9 Join in the Dance (50-1)
10 Regal Ransom (30-1)
11 Chocolate Candy (20-1)
12 General Quarters (20-1)
13 I Want Revenge (3-1) *PULLED FROM RACE*
14 Atomic Rain (50-1)
15 Dunkirk (4-1)
16 Pioneer of the Nile (4-1)
17 Summer Bird (50-1)
18 Nowhere to Hide (50-1)
19 Desert Party (15-1)
20 Flying Private (50-1)


7 thoughts on “Pick the Derby and win 100 Grand!

  1. I don’t know if the race has happened yet, but obviously I don’t know the winner, so I’m puttin in on Mine That Bird!

  2. Wow Amy. Had you put a couple bucks on that horse you woulda got P-A-I-D!!

    50-1 shot. Amazing!

    Congrats. Email me your address and your 100 Grand is in the mail!

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