16 thoughts on “Not the sight you want to come home to…

  1. so many things to say….
    1) That backhoe is an awesome birthday gift for Josiah!
    2) I told you before that you can not flush diapers down the toilet.
    3) Are you really allowed to put an inground pool so close to the road?
    4) Isn’t home ownership the greatest? I can commiserate. I have to put in a french drain and sump pit in my crawlspace because of the six inches of water down there.
    5) And finally, my prediction is there is a blockage in the sewer line due to tree roots from that big tree on the left.

  2. Old broken pipes on the main line from the house to the sewer. Only problem is we had not one, but two sewer lines coming from the house and there wasn’t water coming out of either. So first they had to figure out which one was the right one.

    Oh, and before they could do that they had to actually dig up my entire front yard to trace the route of the pipes because they looked like the light bike scene in Tron.

  3. tron freaks me out for some reason.

    but in regard to the pic & comments, oh the joys of being a homeowner! sometimes i need reminders like this that it’s ok to be (almost) 30 and rent >:)

    …then again, i did just go 5 days w/out power b/c my landlord is an idiot. d’oh!

  4. The good news is they fixed the problem. The even better news is that it isn’t costing us a dime. With the program we bought the house through there’s a one-year warranty on work that should have been part of the renovations.

    So we’re thanking God this all happened before August!

  5. As my Grandpa told me when I first got my car and reminded me when I got my house….. You cant operate without expense and it sucks!

    Make it into a flower garden after they are done!

  6. i have always been a sceptic of the home warranty thing. i am glad to know it paid off for you guys! i gotta find the name of the place, but there is a flower catalog that will give you 30 dollars of free bulbs on your first order, no strings attached. well i think i had to pay shipping. so you could get super cheap bulbs that way and plant them again in the fall.

  7. let me also say, buy the expensive grass seed. we bought good stuff and the lawn looks great. cheap stuff contains seeds for other weeds and it can turn out disastrous.

  8. I honestly don’t care much how my lawn looks. As long as it’s mowed and not overgrown with weeds, it’s good enough for me.

    The guy at the end of my street has a gorgeous lawn. He’s always watering it and taking care of it and it looks phenominal. But that’s the problem IMO, I’ve got better things to do than obsessing over grass.

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