I’ll see your Jacoby Ellsbury and raise you a Jayson Werth!

When Jacoby Ellsbury stole home against the Yankees a couple of weeks ago a little piece of me died. But I still had to give the man his due props because it’s such a rare thing to see in a baseball game.

But what’s even more rare is what Philadelphia’s Jayson Werth did last night. After reaching first base in the seventh inning, he then proceeded to steal second, third and home! Only 49 players have done that in Major League history. Only nine have done it since 1949! (The last Phillie to do it was Pete Rose in 1980.)

Big props Jayson Werth. (And thanks for stealling just a little bit of Jacoby’s thunder!)


4 thoughts on “I’ll see your Jacoby Ellsbury and raise you a Jayson Werth!

  1. I always say this…

    I’ve been to a million baseball games. Well, not a million but hundreds in my lifetime. And one of the things I love most about the game is the fact that there have been so many times where I go to the ballpark and I see something happen that I’ve never seen before. The games been played for 150 years and crazy stuff keeps happening!

    What I like most about this particular play is how Werth stole home. Ellsbury went with the traditional try-to-beat-the-throw-home move ala Jackie Robinson. But Werth waited for the catcher to throw the ball back to the mound before breaking. It was almost like you were watching the Bad News Bears!

  2. I love both plays as they are different in there nature. The reason I like Werth’s more is because we did that play all the time in Little League and it brought back my youth.

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