Who let the dog out?

According to reports Michael Vick has been released from prison in Kansas and will serve the remainder of his sentence in home confinement in Virginia. He is expected to be released from federal custody on July 20th. Vick has been serving out a sentence for a dog fighting conviction.

This, of course, has stirred up speculation regarding his return to pro football. In order to come back to the NFL, Vick must first be reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell, who has been strict in his attempt to rectify some of the league’s behavior and character issues. Others have speculated that Vick might find a home in the Canadian Football Leage, or the new United Football League when it begins play in October.

So what do you think? Should Michael Vick be reinstated by the NFL? If so, would you want him on your team?


10 thoughts on “Who let the dog out?

  1. aren’t there some players in the nfl (and other sports) right now who’ve killed people?!?! or, been accomplices of some sort. don’t get me wrong, i love dogs, and i think vick is a disgrace to human beings. but, he did his time – which was more then fellow athletes have gotten for crimes involving humans – and he should be able to play, if a team is willing to go for it. i hear the rams might be interested. he’ll bring a lot of attn, that’s for sure. i never liked him as a player, i don’t think he should be a qb, but there’s not that many good qb’s anymore, so i’m sure he’ll end up somewhere.

  2. Five years younger and I’d say he would be the perfect addition to the Wildcat.

    Heck, the Bills have a murderer on their Wall of Fame. So I suppose there’s nothing stopping Vick from finding a home in the NFL. 😆

  3. that’s what they were saying on the radio (wildcat). one writer had said the pats would be a good fit! what?!?! but yeah, buffalo needs to do something about that…at least now that he’s been convicted of something 🙂

  4. If reinstated Vick will end up with the Cowboys. Jones will take any trouble maker. Besides it gives Dale Hanson and Randy Galloway more fodder for columns and commentaries.

  5. I agree with Tim. The guy made an immature, inhumane stupid decision. He’s done his time.
    To not let him back would be like telling a person with a record that they could never have a job again simply because you didn’t like the bad decisions they’d made. That doesn’t make sense does it? It’s his job to play football so if someone wants to hire him, so be it.

  6. The Pit Bull loving, animal rescuing side of me thinks this guy should have been put down for what he’s done…

    The cynical side of me thinks that as long as someone can make a buck off of him, he’ll land somewhere playing football again…

    The hopeful side of me really wants to believe Tony Dungy and a few other black men of faith that have met with him who say that he’s ready to start over in life…

    And the kid in me loves me some frosted mini-wheats…

  7. Oh, yeah right the Cowboys are turning over a new leaf. Like I haven’t heard that one a million times. Of course with the stadium being built in Tarrant county they better straighten but because the Arlington PD doesn’t put up with the same garbage Dallas PD does.

  8. so i know this isn’t going to be popular….but he did a despictable thing to dogs…not people but a dog….if people we so upset by the treat of dogs then they should rescue a bunch of them from mexico….
    He did his time and now deserves his 2nd chance….whether or not he can cut it will be a different story….
    i could see him ending up with the raiders…they will take anyone

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