Your turn Hannity.

Conservative radio talk-show host Mancow – who had been very vocal in his belief that waterboarding was not torture – agreed to have the tecnique done to him live on his radio show yesterday. He lasted six seconds and was pretty much completely freaked out after it was over.

I’m wondering when Sean Hannity will make good on his pledge to have it done to him for charity.

Or maybe talk-radio blowhards should just defer to some of our servicemen who have been waterboarded such as this former Navy SEAL .


One thought on “Your turn Hannity.

  1. RIGHT ON BUDDY!!!! But U and I know Hannity will never do that. He’s a punk ***. He saves all his loud mouth talking for his beloved “Freedom” concerts that have money donated to his charity to help out the service men and women!!!! That’s how he contributes!!

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