8 thoughts on “09.09.09

  1. lucky for aspiring fake drummers everywhere, Ringo plays about three songs in something other than 4/4 time.

  2. i gotta tell you, i saw ringo on this british talk show, plugging his new album, and i was suprised when he played a couple beatles songs how much he was actually doing, b/c i always said the whole ringo 4/4 thing. he’s a good drummer. he’s no buddy rich, but good.

    also, 9/9/9 is 666 upside down. so, those who thought the antichrist would be revealed on that day now have another one to look forward to. and then after that it’ll be the mayan 2012 thing. i love people 🙂

  3. I have seen photographic evidence of Rock Band being played in your home! With how much your sister in law raves about the Wii I’m really surprised you guys haven’t broken down and bought one yet.

  4. oh we have the wii, i just bought one for jim after his ‘procedure’, to cheer him up! 😉 it worked. but so far no rockband. i mean seriously it costs as much as the wii itself, that’s nuts. but by september we might have been worn down. though i am sure when this thing comes out it will be impossible to get your hands on.

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