Play ball!

On a whim I took Josiah to the Red Wings game last night. We hadn’t been since Opening Day, which is downright shameful. It was “Kids Eat Free” night too, so I figured what the heck.

He was randomly selected to be the honorary coach of the Red Wings for the night. That means he was able to go out on the field with the Wings manager before the game and turn in the lineup to the umps. He had a blast slapping high-fives with the managers and umps. He got a free t-shirt out of the deal too.

Good game. Free food and a t-shirt. Not to mention some cherished Rochester memories. Not at bad night at all!


10 thoughts on “Play ball!

  1. He had alot of fun with it. As evidenced by the giant smile on his face in the photo.

    He had a hard time (near tears) leaving without having caught a foul ball. We’ve been to a million games, so it was kind of weird that it was so important to him this time around. But I think it’s mostly because he came really close to getting one. He’s tasted blood now. 😆

  2. That is SOOO awesome!!! Don’t you just love when things turn out like that?? Glad you two had a wonderful night!! What a great Father and Son moment for him to cherish for many years!

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