Toy Story 3


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  1. last week i saw my first pixar movie. a bunch of friends were hanging out at my old place, and my old roomie had his daughter for the night, and wanted to watch wall-e. it only took me 15 years 🙂

  2. Dude, you’re totally missing out. Pixar’s releases are consistently among the top five or so movies released each year in my opinion. Animated or otherwise.

    And I’m not just saying that because I’m a dad. I genuinely enjoy them each and every time. Well, maybe not so much with Ratatouille. But all the others.

  3. seriously tim, that is a crime. what i want to call you i can’t ’cause there’s preschool toys present’
    owen watches cars like an addict. i think he seriously needs a support group. and we still are entertained.

  4. well, the good news is that i’ve broken through, i’ve become pixarred. so, from here there’s all kinds of possibilities 🙂

  5. Alright, I guess it’s time to rank ’em. Here’s my list:

    1 – Toy Story 2
    2 – Wall-E
    3 – Toy Story
    4 – Cars
    5 – The Incredibles
    6 – Monsters, Inc.
    7 – Finding Nemo
    8 – A Bug’s Life
    9 – Ratatouille

  6. i might switch bugs life and ratatouille and also switch monsters inc and wall-e too. sorry shane i know you are a huge wall-e fan, but i throw up in my mouth a little at how un-abashed the agenda is! 😉 but toy story 2 is the best for sure, and cars is AWESOME.
    finding nemo always seemed really scary to me, for kids anyway so we don’t have it.
    so tim, you should just come visit us, we’ll educate you on pixar!

    1. “The greatest commandment is to love one another, and to me, that’s the ultimate purpose of living. So that was the perfect goal for the loneliest robot on earth, to learn the greatest commandment, to learn to love.” – Wall-E creator Mike Stanton

      Yeah, Wall-E’s overtly Christian agenda kinda made me gag too. 😆

      The stuff about the environment was merely the setting, the backdrop for the story. It wasn’t a theme or central message by any means IMO. To me, that would be kind of like saying The Wizard of Oz was a movie about tornadoes.

      Then again, I don’t find the whole “take care of Creation” message to be personally offensive either, so … 😆

      I kid, I kid. I know alot of folks out there felt Wall-E was a bit preachy. It’s a common and valid complaint.

  7. And there’s no way Monsters, Inc. was the second best film they’ve made!

    And obviously Up is the one blaring omission on the list. That’s only because I haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

        1. haven’t seen up, but you haven’t watched monsters enough. plus abby totally looked like boo when she was little which made me like it more! ‘;-)

          1. I’ve seen Monsters Inc a bazillion times. It’s just not up there for me. Though, I am willing to concede that maybe I’ve got it a little low. But I don’t know what I’d switch it with so….

  8. 1 – The Incredibles
    2 – Toy Story 2
    3 – Wall-E
    4 – Finding Nemo
    5 – Cars
    6 – Ratatouille
    7 – Toy Story
    8 – Monsters, Inc.
    9 – A Bug’s Life

    Now if only they produced The Iron Giant.

    1. Wow. You might be the only person I know that has The Incredibles in the #1 slot!

      And how on earth is the original Toy Story so low on your list? Below Ratatouille?????

  9. My couple of cents: Monsters Inc. is one of their best, Ratatouille has really grown on me, I didn’t find Wall-E preachy at all, Up is fantastic, and after revisiting A Bug’s Life on Blu-ray recently, I think it’s the closest thing to a bad movie they’ve made. Also, run on sentences are underrated.

  10. 1. Toy Story
    2. Cars
    3. Monster Inc
    4. Toy Story 2
    5. The Incredibles
    6. Wall E
    7. Finding Nemo
    8. A Bug’s Life
    9. Ratatouille

  11. So four people have chimed in thus far. Based on their votes here are the results. (Position = points. The fewer the points, the better.)

    1. Toy Story 2 (8)
    2. Wall-E (13)
    3. Toy Story (14)
    4. The Incredibles (16)
    5. Cars (18)
    6. Monsters Inc. (19)
    7. Finding Nemo (25)
    8. Ratatouille (32)
    9. A Bug’s Life (34)

  12. 1. Finding Nemo
    2. The Incredibles
    3. Toy Story 2
    4. Toy Story
    5. Cars
    6. A Bug’s Life
    7. Ratatouille
    8. Monsters Inc.
    9. Wall- E ( would be last regardless of what else they ever come out with)

  13. i thought they’d done way more then 9 films. i thought lilo & stich and monsters -v- aliens (or something like that) and a bunch of others were pixar. see, i clearly have no idea what is going on with pixar 🙂

  14. Lilo & Stitch is a) not CGI animated, and b) put out by Disney.

    There are a ton of CGI films out there, but not all are done by Pixar. Pixar’s full-lentgh features are the nine above plus Up.

    1. i can’t put my finger on why but i hated lilo and stich, i remember it came out right after monsters inc. and it was such a let down in comparison.

  15. i can hear the condescending tone in your voice, shane. you’re like nick burns, “yeah, that’s about as fast as an LC475 with a 32 bit processor!” c’mon dude, how’m i s’posed to know that! i aint got no babies! 🙂

  16. Here’s my list. I think their past three have been slightly less magical than their average—which makes them still pretty awesome.

    1. Cars
    2. Toy Story
    3. Monsters Inc.
    4. Toy Story 2
    5. The Incredibles (tie)
    5. Wall • E (tie)
    7. Finding Nemo
    8. Up
    9. Ratatouille
    10. A Bug’s Life

    This list is pretty consistent with how I felt after watching Cars in the theater.

  17. Some changes atop the leaderboard!

    1. Toy Story 2 (12)
    3. Toy Story (16)
    2. Wall-E (18)
    5. Cars (19)
    4. The Incredibles (21)
    6. Monsters Inc. (22)
    7. Finding Nemo (32)
    8. Ratatouille (41)
    9. A Bug’s Life (44)
    10. Up (8)

  18. 1. The Incredibles
    2. Toy Story 2
    3. Finding Nemo
    4. Ratarouille
    5. Toy Story
    6. Cars
    7. A Bug’s Life
    8. Monsters Inc.
    9. Wall-e

  19. Current standings:

    1. Toy Story 2 (14)
    T2. Toy Story (22)
    T2 The Incredibles (22)
    5. Cars (25)
    2. Wall-E (28)
    6. Monsters Inc. (30)
    7. Finding Nemo (35)
    8. Ratatouille (45)
    9. A Bug’s Life (51)

  20. 1. Monsters, Inc.
    2. Toy Story I
    3. Finding Nemo
    4. Bugs Life
    5. Wall-E
    6. Cars
    7. Toy Story II
    8. Ratatouille
    9. The Incredibles

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