Beer pong anyone?

beer pong
Cheryl’s mom visited us from downstate last weekend to attend the Women of Faith conference here in Rochester. Since she wasn’t going to be able to give Josiah his birthday presents on his birthday, she brought them with her to give to him while she was here.

He got some nice things: Transformers, a fishing pole, etc. But his favorite thus far has to tbe the Beer Pong game that she got him for the Wii!

Ok, to be fair, it isn’t actually beer pong. The game is called Game Party and it has a handful of mini-games included such as darts, ski ball, shuffle board, air hockey, trivia, etc.

One of the mini games is called Ping Cup. But make no mistake about it, it’s beer pong. You get ten cups lined up on your opponents side of the table and your goal is to toss ping pong balls into them. When you make a shot, two cups are taken away and you get to go again. The first person to have all their cups removed wins.

Now all Josiah needs is a room full of friends and a couple cases of beer and he can get a head start on his college days! Thanks grandma!! 😆

3 thoughts on “Beer pong anyone?

  1. *seinfeld voice* what’s the deal with wii games that are things you should be doing in real life? bowling, baseball, guitar hero, beer pong…get some friends! 🙂

    side note, back in orono, maine there was a frat house right next to the police station, and they’d play beer pong on the front lawn. i think the cops in orono must’ve been so bored they were just waiting for one of them to touch the sidewalk.

    1. Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!

      1) Bowling – We go bowling all the time. In fact we just bought Josiah a pair of bowling shoes because it would save us money long term vs. rentals.

      2) Baseball – Josiah and I hit the Sandlot several times a week when the weather is nice. He’s been hitting live pitching since he was two.

      3) Guitar Hero – I play guitar. Josiah has an acoustic as well that he tinkers around on from time to time.

      4) Well, that one we don’t do. But we do have a ping pong table in the garage that we play with from time to time!

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